My basics – part 1

Now, I can’t be the only mother of toddlers who essentially wears a uniform. And like all good mum-uniforms, it is built of the foundation of skinny jeans. Ah, skinny jeans, so simple, yet so, so complicated. More trial and error has gone into my pursuit of the perfect skinny jean than into splitting the atom. And then, last year, six year afters the quest started, I found my Holy Grail. The perfect skinny jean. And here they are:


Goldsign Virtuals

Now, I appreciate these are pricey, but I happened on them reduced to £50 in the Selfridges sale, and my god, have I had my money’s worth. Supersoft denim, and the perfect ankle-skimming length on 5’4″ me. They don’t stretch or fall down, and frankly feel like I’m wearing my pyjamas, so comfortable are they.

I love them so much, I bought them in the indigo wash, and I’ll be adding to my collection with the ocean blue colour this season. You cannot put a price on the perfect skinny jean (that’s right, singular). I will be ordering all my future pairs from Shopbop though, as the price is roughly half UK retail, even with tax and delivery is free and arrives within 3 days – from the US. Get you act together UK retailers! You do need to know your size though as returns are pricey.

The Also-Rans

Now, while the Goldsigns are ‘the ones’, there were some fairly good competitors for the crown, so here are a couple:


Citizens of Humanity Avedon

The CoH is another great skinny, again soft stretchy denim and a decent rise (no-one wants to see my bum cleavage at toddler group) are key here. These would be a better option for the taller ladies out there, because they are significantly too long for me, but I don’t mind a bit of bunching!


Topshop Jamie

Another high rise skinny (sensing a theme here?) these are, in my humble opinion, the best jeans on the high street. For £40 (some styles are now £20 in the sale) you cannot go far wrong.

My Denim Top Tips

If you can afford it, go premimum. Honestly, you won’t regret it. Donna Ida are the best in the business. They stock all the major brands and have phenomenal sales. The assistants are experts in what will suit and I have even had great advice from Donna herself! They have recently brought out their own range IDA, which looks great. I fancy the Ivy in black:

Other great places to find premium denim are The Outnet and Yoox, where they can be picked up at a big discount. Ebay can be another really useful resource. A couple of weeks ago I won a pair of cropped Goldsigns for £1.99!

On the high street, as mentioned above, Topshop are great for denim, and I’ve also heard really good things about the Oasis Cherry skinny jeans, though I’ve not tried them myself. I did try a pair of the M&S 5 pocket jeggings though, and if you’re looking for a budget option, they’re not half bad, and what a great range of colours. They, like the TS Jamies, also come in a Petite length.

Remember also to never wash stretch denim at above 30 degrees, as the elasticity will be destroyed by repeated hot washing and nobody likes a saggy arse!

Well, that just about completes my skinny jeans round-up, but I’ll be back over the weekend with a post on Basic No.2, the perfect slouchy tee.

Happy Friday all!


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