Zatchel Frenzy

Just a quick post to alert you to the excellent sale on Zatchels at BrandAlley. I really like this brand, and though I don’t own one (yet) I understand that they are very durable and well made.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Metallic Purple

Blue Elephant

Neon Yellow Barrel

Pink Neon

Lavender Rucksack

But be quick – they’re selling like hot cakes!

UPDATE: This Neon orange saddle just found her way into my bag

I’m imagining her with a black and white Breton mini dress and my Marni for H&M silver sandals from last year. Did anyone else find themself snared by a Zatchel?


4 thoughts on “Zatchel Frenzy

  1. I have a Zatchel fetish. They are indestructible and make me feel younger (well, about seven – I had a school bag in that shape back then). The blue elephant would really work with most of my clothes, but at the dark purple. Go for it! The leather is really thick and tough, but to me that is the advantage – no need to use protector sprays and brilliant around children.

    • I’m really taken with them too Dona, I also had one when I was 7, which I later revived to carry my books in sixth form, to the bemusement of my friends and their Quiksilver rucksacks!

  2. I love the Zatchels saddle style. I wanted a yellow one (not the neon one) or a cream one or a navy one or a black one – can you guess I like them all? And because I can’t decide, I haven’t bought any. How are you getting on with yours? Is it as indestructible as DonaAna says? I’m worried they might get scratched.

    • It hasn’t arrived yet! I am chomping at the bit for it. I love the saddle style too, I bought a neon pink Raoul last year which is gorgeous, but delicate, so I wanted more of a workhorse. Will update when it turns up.

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