Denim, Denim

Excuse the horrendous quality of photo (not to mention the grubby mirror, which was cleaned yesterday, sigh) – I am taking delivery of new full length mirrors tomorrow, and who knows, if this blog proves popular I may even spring for a camera and tripod set-up. For now though, I’ll carry on spending on my wardrobe.

20130209-134631.jpg Outfit:
Chambray shirt – Gap (last year)
Neon t-shirt – 2nd Day
Jeans – Goldsign Virtual high-rise
Trainers (not seen but they are bright yellow!) – Superga


4 thoughts on “Denim, Denim

  1. Oh tell me about it – my boys insist on looking at themselves using my big mirror whilst brushing their teeth which is extremely annoying if I’ve just cleaned it ready for a classic pose in the mirror shot. I’ve got a tripod after going on about one for a while but I find it easier to take a picture in the mirror and faster. Not as professional but as long as the lighting is good that day, I don’t fare too badly. And like you say, florescent and overhead lighting is not kind. That much I’ve learnt since I started blogging.

    • I think I need a decent camera more than anything – the iphone is not cutting it. Am going to order a DSLR and see how I get on with that. We had two big mirrors delivered at the weekend and they are both covered rugrat nose-prints already!

      • You’re going for the big guns already? I borrowed a friends recently and I just didn’t have a clue so I have to stick with the happy snaps camera for the time being. My problem is I don’t read the instruction manuals.

      • Well, we’re sans camera at the mo anyway, so may as well. I can justify it as a household expense that way…

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