My Basics – Part 2

So, onto the next staple of my everyday-wear, the slouchy tee.

Like skinny jeans, this is an area of my wardrobe where I am always searching for perfection. The perfect t-shirt should be a decent weight, have a lovely drape and be slouchy without being oversized.

I like to have at least one white, grey and black at any given time, though I wouldn’t mind broadening my horizons on the colour front.

I’m currently rotating a few from Vince, but sadly they have discontinued the style I like, and mine are coming to the end of the road, so the hunt begins again.

Now, a lot of people are of the the school of thought that t-shirts aren’t worth spending out on. I disagree with this philosophy, perhaps because they are some of the hardest working items in my wardrobe. However, as with all things I do try to buy at a discount – well why wouldn’t you? – and some great reductions can be found out there, if you know where to look…

Anyway, on to my t-shirt hall of fame. First up, the T by Alexander Wang muscle T-shirt

I love these, they drape beautifully and have that ‘I just threw this on’ bad girl vibe going on. The sort of thing Kristen Stewart might wear accessorised with high tops and a scowl (what is up with that by the way? Hard life being a beautiful, young multi-millionaire is it?) Now, I hear you, “how much?!”, but I have never paid full price for one of these bad boys, instead I pick mine up either in the end of season sales or on my very favourite site The Outnet. The classic colours do pop up fairly regularly, but they go fast on there. However, if you like yellow, check out this little bargain:

I love this fresh lemon colour – perfect for spring, and would go beautifully with a pale-wash denim or any shade of grey.

Next up we have Splendid:

How great is this rich purple shade? I love the thick, soft cotton of these t-shirts, they definitely win the most comfortable prize. Bit spendy for ya? Over to The Outnet for some classic grey:

Moving onto the high street I can really recommend the Whistles seam back tee (link to JL as I hate Whistles’ atrocious website):

20130210-083813.jpgThese are a lighter weight, so perfect for summer, and Whistles generally do them in a great range of colours. Grazia usually do a 25% off voucher for Whistles at some point in the season, which will the price tag a bit more appealing too (and is when I’ll be buying mine).

Moving down the price points, here’s a real bargain offering from good old H&M:


£6.99 and a good mix of cotton and modal for that all important drape. Can’t say fairer than that. And I’m loving this hot pink – how great would this look with some khaki skinny cargoes and metallic sandals?

And if that’s not cheap enough for you, use code 0241 for 25% off the highest priced item in your basket (minimum spend is £6 after discount though, so you may need to get a couple!)

So, the million dollar question. How will I be replacing my beloved Vinces? Well, I’ve saved the best (and of course most expensive) ’til last. The Helmut Kinetic jersey t-shirt:

God, I love these, and can I find them at a discount? Can I buggery. So I’m going to bite the bullet and order one, and when it of course turns out to be the perfect T-shirt for me, sell a kidney or two for the full set of colours. And I might just get a couple of H&M ones too…

So, do you have a favourite t-shirt? Did it cost less than seventy English pounds? If so, please tell me about it!


5 thoughts on “My Basics – Part 2

  1. Did you get on with the Helmut tee? I know someone who absolutely loves hers. I picked up a grey Splendid one in the NAP sales but I’m looking for a good cheap grey one for mucking around in where I don’t need to be precious about it. I have just received the grey H&M one and I’m not 100% sold as yet as it has a v-neck and I think I prefer a gentle scoop but it’s not a bad tee still and it does drape well.

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