Wednesday Want

How gorgeous is the new collection from LK Bennett in collaboration with Caroline Issa, inspired by her travels in Thailand?

I would cheerfully take pretty much the whole lot, but if I had to pick one it would be the Jasmine court.

20130213-111121.jpgA sensible enough heel to wear to work all day, these also would look fierce with leather leggings and a neon orange tee I picked up in Cos last year for a night on the tiles.

Lust over the full collection here.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Want

  1. I’d pick the same pair just for the fact that I think it’s the only pair I could walk in apart from the loafers but I don’t fancy pom poms on my shoes but they are rather gorgeous and are a statement in themselves. Are you going for them?

    • I’m seriously thinking about it – I think I’d get a lot of wear out of them…

      Love your blog by the way! I also have a sweatshirt post in the works. The Primark trilby is awesome.

      • Thank you! I’ve just been going through some of your previous posts so you might find a flurry of comments from me (I do that). I’m still hankering after the pink one because I’ve gone off my head a bit and the winter is doing my head in and I need cheering up. Look forward to your sweatshirt post.

  2. Love these shoes (& enjoy your blog) but LKB special ranges seem to start at size 36 & I need 35. Guess that helps my bank balance.
    Is my local LKB store unusual in having prices 10% higher than the prices on the website – I’m sure that wasn’t the case last year. I was tempted by a dress in the store last week but it was over £200 – checked stock online & the web price is £30 less. Same for a couple of other clothes items. Don’t seem to be any discounts online so it seems odd.

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