My snake puns are hiss-terical

Happy Valentine’s Day all. How many cards did you get? I didn’t get any (though one is on its way, I’m assured), but I did get this beautiful snake print cashmere scarf from Pure Collection20130213-214130.jpgThis scarf is currently in the sale for just £29 which I think, for a huge pure cashmere scarf, is a total bargain. Sadly they’ve now sold out of the gorgeous claret colour Cupid brought me, but they do still have the equally lovely Sapphire and Natural:20130213-214230.jpg20130213-214325.jpgDid you get anything nice from your secret admirer?

UPDATE: Claret now back in stock!


One thought on “My snake puns are hiss-terical

  1. Now that I’ve just seen your update that claret is back in stock – I think I may have to pop one in the bag. Lovely. I’m always looking for nice scarves but not the regular flowery one or with butterflies or anything. And if it’s 100% cashmere – then I am even more sold!

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