T-Shirts are like buses…

…you spend ages searching for the perfect one and two come along at once!

I ordered the Helmut t-shirt I was musing on here, and it dropped through the letterbox just as I was flapping about having nothing to wear for a night out, saving the day. It was perfectly slouchy and looked fab with my black leather skinnies and a black blazer.

Then today, on my weekly trawl though TK Maxx I came across this little beauty:

20130217-171613.jpgJames Perse sanded relaxed jersey pocket tee

Priced at £19.99, I couldn’t say no. They had lots of James Perse (and Vince) in my local branch (Wimbledon, for any SW Londoners), along with J Brand and MiH jeans. I can’t rate TK Maxx highly enough, I rarely come out without a bargain, but it does take patience! They also had the white version of this t-shirt, which I resisted, lest I need to add my collection to the home insurance, but it’s already a decision I’m regretting, so I think I’ll nip back tomorrow!

So, what did you buy this weekend?


7 thoughts on “T-Shirts are like buses…

  1. I don’t have enough time and patience to search through TK Maxx these days. I used to love it pre-children when I could browse at my leisure and pick through the offerings and there are good offerings to be had. I spotted a Loewe bag in there not so long ago for around £100. Bargain considering how much they cost in Libertys. Shame I didn’t actually like the bag.

    And you did well with the tees especially the James Perse one as I hear those are excellent. Hard as it may be to believe – I don’t have a black tee shirt – I think I may need to remedy that quite soon. Black tee, leather trousers and a blazer sounds so cool. I need to lose about 10 years.

    • I actually had the kids with me yesterday. I bribe them with the promise of a look at the toys if they cooperate for 10mins!

      • Aw, brilliant! I’m so glad you found one. Yes, they are lovely and soft – and you now have a black t-shirt (I didn’t have one either, can you believe?!)

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