Wednesday Want

As you might have noticed, I often layer my watch and various bracelets on one wrist, leaving the other one feeling a little bare. I’ve been looking for something to redress the balance, and this gorgeous Africa rose-gold plated cuff by Philippe Audibert, £80, is just the ticket:20130220-091450.jpgA lot of Audibert’s designs are far more detailed and intricate than this particular piece, but I think the chic simplicity of it makes it all the more striking. I’m having surgery on my right hand soon, so really I need to buy it to detract from those ugly stitches, right?


P.S. apologies for the technical issue with a previous post – my fat fingers hit post when they shouldn’t have… #luddite


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Want

  1. I just bought it this week from NaP – be warned, it is tiny! I forced it on in the manner of an ugly sister with Cinderella’s shoe, but taking it off left marks [blush] and I have quite slim wrists! Tis absolutely gorgeous though, heavy yet delicate, otm yet classic.

    • Thanks JumpHerWho, that’s really useful to know. My wrists are reasonably small (6in) so hopefully it would fit. May not try it immediately post surgery though!

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