Not since Nelly and Kelly has there been such a Dilemma…

So, I mentioned that for the past few weeks I’ve been a-saving for a new summer bag (extremely out of character, I normally just use the joint account and have an argument with my husband about what constitutes reasonable expenditure when the statement arrives).

Well, I’m nearly there, and the purchase will be made in a week or so. Yippee. I was all set to go and buy this little bad boy….

20130224-092513.jpg…when, whilst having an idle Sunday morning Matches browse, I found this magnificent beast

20130224-092834.jpgWhat’s a girl to do? I have neither a cobalt nor a silver bag, so which one do I get? The size of the Hulme is better for me, with my proclivity to lug the kitchen sink, yet I’m scared of the delicate suede lining. But it comes with a gold dinosaur keyring… But I do love silver for summer.

Readers, this is a serious issue, please do leave a comment and help me decide…


9 thoughts on “Not since Nelly and Kelly has there been such a Dilemma…

  1. Much prefer the Sophie Hulme bag, gorgeous colour. I have never been a fan of silver bags, I think (and this is just my opinion obvs) that they can look a little cheap, although I have not seen the Balenciaga in the flesh and it is probably gorgeous!!

  2. The silver one. I am a complete convert to small(ish) bags. I have vastly reduced the volume of debris I lug around by sizing down.

    And it’s so pretty…

  3. It would be the cobalt for me – fabulous vibrant cololur, and I reckon the style will age really well. The silver to me is cute, but a bit flash in the pan.

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