Another day…

…another photo of a knackered woman with a ludicrously bright bag! This time the neon Zatchel I ordered from the BrandAlley sale posted about here. When I dropped off the children to my parents’ this morning, my Dad, always the comedian, asked if it was a safety measure. It has also drawn a few comments, uniquely from men, in the office this morning. Whatevs, it’s cheering me up!

Another new item I have on today is this gorgeous bracelet, from Bijoux by Desi F at Etsy. I love this store and am planning a lot more purchases from this talented lady!


(God, I look haggard, when will my children sleep?!)

Shirt – Gap
Skirt – Moschino
Tights – Falke
Shoes – Russell & Bromley
Belt – Whistles
Watch – Michael Kors
Bracelet – Bijoux by Desi F

(p.s. you can’t tell from the photo, but the skirt is actually polka dot!)



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