Return of the Mac

Well, it warmed up for about a nanosecond, so I gave my winter coat a day off and wore my leopard trench. My husband bought me this for Christmas, days before I had our son, and I have fond memories of excitedly insisting on wearing it, and knotting the belt above my enormous bump.

I must say, he got it totally right because I love this coat nearly as much as the child I subsequently delivered (not really Benny!) and enjoy pulling it out every spring. I like the large scale of the pattern, and the fact it looks quite an authentic print. It is perfect for throwing over a dull t-shirt and jeans combo. It’s a bit of a Marmite item, but I plan on wearing it when I wave that first-born off to uni (and I’m sure he’ll love me for it!)


Trench – M&S
Ballet flats – Banana Republic (these are bloody brilliant – they have memory foam in them!)


3 thoughts on “Return of the Mac

    • Very kind, but it was actually Christmas 3 years ago! I have had another one in between though, so I’ll take some credit 🙂

      • Then it’s great to have a piece of clothing that stays at the top of the fashion trend for more than 3 years.

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