Cozy Up

Today was a crappy day. My kids fought constantly, I got completely drenched and I went on a two hour round trip for an appointment which had been cancelled without anyone thinking to notify me. All in all, it was poor.

However, at least I was comfortably dressed. I have had this DKNY Cozy lurking in my wardrobe being ignored for some time. I bought in that incredibly vulnerable period a few weeks post partum (where your sense of style has temporarily exited with the placenta), seduced by this kind of carry on. It soon became apparent to me that you can not wear the Cozy in 59 different ways unless you have the figure of an underage ballerina, thus it was consigned to the mistakes pile and no more was said about the whole sorry business. However, it did cost me quite a lot of money, so today I granted it a reprieve and wore it in the only style which I find works; corners tied and twisted to form a cowl neck. It was actually very easy to wear and (dare I say it?) cosy, worn over a long line vest and leggings for a day of running around. Ok, so it’s neer going to be my number one favourite item of clothing, but it’s definitely getting elevated to the illustrious status of ‘Loungewear’.

Cardigan – DKNY Cozy
Vest – Helmut Lang
Ponte Leggings – Topshop
High Tops – Converse
Bracelet – Chan Luu
Nails – Mavala Deep Blue


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