Happy Koople

I spotted this Kooples top on one of my many maternity leave potters round Westfield last summer and really liked it. However, for some reason (because goodness knows I am no stranger overspending) I deemed it too expensive at £115 and bought a cheaper alternative from Gap.


Like all good cheaper alternatives that top was worn once and hangs forlornly in my wardrobe, so I now have a policy whereby, if I seem something I really like, I visit it a couple of times, either online or in store, and if my ardour doesn’t dampen, I buy it, even if it is expensive. Yes, I may have to rein my spending in for a bit, but isn’t that better than ending up with a wardrobe full of unloved ‘also-rans’which never live up to the memory of the original?

Anyway, I’d completely forgotten about this ‘one that got away’ until I happened on a Kooples outlet store while out shopping for my husbands birthday. Immediately that I saw the word ‘outlet’ the words ‘I wonder…’ floated through my mind… And, lo and behold, there it was. The broderie top of my dreams, reduced to a considerably less painful £46.

I’ve worn it today with a pale grey vest underneath, which helps to show off the beautiful cutwork detail on the front, which is also reflected on the sleeves. I like the fact that this top is slightly longer at the back, for obvious reasons, and that the fit is quite neat – often cotton tops of this nature can be a bit matronly on a larger bust.

I fear I’m not doing this top justice really, as I only had time to take a quick snap at the end of a busy and stressful day (hence the scowl), so it looks a little creased. Never mind, I know I’ll get lots of wear from it over the summer, so next time it will get a proper (non iPhone) photo to show off the detail.

Top – The Kooples
Trousers – Gerard Darel
Shoes – Charles Philip Shanghai
Watch – Michael Kors


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