Hanging out

Feeling a little fragile today after a night on the sauce for Mr TMT’s birthday. I’ll spare you the details but suffice to say I ended up belting out Cher in a karaoke bar. Needless to say, comfort was definitely the order of the day when I crawled out of bed this morning.

This is about as close to a pretty pastel ensemble as you’ll find me in. I don’t really do ‘girly’, which I think of as synonymous with pastels, but I spotted this tee while browsing the Outnet, and as I love these muscle tees, I couldn’t resist.


I’ve paired it with another great Outnet find, Zoe Karssen leopard-print track pants, a pair of pale pink Superga, and possible the oldest item in my wardrobe; my trusty denim jacket. Bought from Calvin Klein in Los Angeles over 10 years ago, it has been serving me faithfully every summer since. I think it has aged pretty well, and now has a great beaten-up (think the technical term is distressed) look to it.

Another quality shot taken by my husband, nicely grazing the top of my head, and believe me, this was the best of a very bad lot, where i looked by turns smug and mentally subnormal.

Top – T by Alexander Wang via the Outnet
Track pants – Zoe Karssen via the Outnet
Trainers – Superga
Jacket – Calvin Klein
Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco

So, what are you planning on wearing tomorrow, possibly the hottest day of the year (I’d say so far, but the way things have been I might be tempting fate…)?


5 thoughts on “Hanging out

  1. Not sure what ill wear if the weather is nice tomorrow. I was heavily pregnant for most of the summer, last year, so it will be nice to wear my my summery clothes again.

    • Ah, that was me summer 2011. Man, I was bored of Isabella Oliver! So nice to revisit your summer wardrobe post- pg (and get a few new things!)

    • Thanks! It does mean I make loads of mistakes though! I got a small, which always amuses me as that is not how I think of my bottom.

  2. Love those trousers, I pinned them a while back and am surprised to see they’re still in stock. I kind of want them to sell out before I crack as can’t really justify them, I feel they’re either a ‘white elephant’ purchase or a ‘live in it’ purchase and I’m not very good at predicting… love the way you’ve styled them.

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