Paige Denim – The results are in!

Last week I reviewed some fabulous Paige jeans for The Dressing Room, and as I was allowed to keep my favourites I enlisted your help in deciding with a little poll. Well, I’ve collated the results and here they are, in beautiful shades of denim blue:


As you can see, the Ultra Skinny Pipeline was the winner by some way, so those are the ones I’m keeping right? Well, er, no actually. Because I’m a contrary Mary, I’ve plumped for the second finisher, the Jimmy Jimmy Boyfriend Skinny. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Pipelines, but they definitely had more of a ‘going out’ vibe to them, and as a mother of two toddlers with an expensive and underused pair of black leather leggings hanging in my wardrobe, purchased to cover all going-out-needing-slinky-black-bottoms eventualities, I felt I needed a more ‘everyday’ jean.

My husband was actually massively in favour of me keeping the Kylie crops, though I strongly suspect this was because they were the tightest, as opposed to any fashion-related motivation. I nearly went for these too, as I loved the look of them with my pointy flats, and it pains me to send them back, so I might well get them for the summer.

The Hidden Hills Bootcut received the least love in the poll – I don’t think my short legs did them justice! Again, I really liked these, and found them extremely comfortable to wear. The only limiting factor for me would be the need for heels, putting them firmly in the ‘going out’ jeans camp also. This would not be a problem if you have long legs. I imagine not much is a problem if you have long legs <cries>.

So why did I plump for the boyfriends, girlfriends? The reasons are four-fold:

  1. They are soooo comfy, genuinely up there with loungewear (read: pyjamas) in terms of comfort.
  2. I love the subtle distressing on them. I know this season we’re supposed to have half our thigh on show, but mine really aren’t up to the scrutiny.
  3. They work with boots, flats, sandals, high tops – you name it, they look great with any footwear.
  4. At the end of the day, I am a fashion blogger, and boyfriends are the cut of the season!

To be honest, I’ve have been thrilled to keep any of the jeans, but I love the Jimmy Jimmys so much. I’m off out for lunch today with some very stylish ladies and they will be my denim of choice for the occasion. Photo to come later…


2 thoughts on “Paige Denim – The results are in!

  1. I don’t blame you with your choice – you have to go with a gut feel and what you think will work best for you. I actually liked the flare/bootleg ones but they are rather restrictive as you say – I tried a pair on recently and they only look good with heels – I too am a shorty.

    And I hope you had a good lunch with all the girls. If I’d seen this earlier, I’d have told you to pass on my regards.

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