The Ripple Effect

Hands up who likes a super-flattering dress? Ok, quite a few of you. Hands up who likes a super-flattering bargain dress? Ok, I’ll spill…

I was inspired to buy this ripple print dress from Room 31 after seeing Avril of School Gate Style and Fiona of Avenue 57 looking so great in their similar versions.

After a 25% discount using SGS25, the dress was down to £10.50, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. It arrived yesterday and I was a little apprehensive about such a bold bodycon number, but actually I think it’s very flattering indeed! I’m wearing it with opaques and my neon & Other Stories flats, but I’m also planning on styling it with bare legs and sporty trainers for a more casual summer look.

I love midi-dresses as they keep my bête noire, my chubby knees, firmly under wraps, and are great for showcasing a curvy silhouette without looking too obvious. And even better, they’re totally on trend at the moment – for once, fashion is my friend!


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