Issa bargain!

I know I promised my next post would be a flat sandal follow-up, but how could I not blog this dress?

In life, people have their talents. Some are great mathematicians, some talented writers. Me? Well I can spot a designer bargain at 20 paces…

I’ve mentioned before my local car boot sale. We go every Sunday, give the kids a shiny pound coin each and try to teach them a bit about budgeting (maybe a bit of an ask for a 3.5 year old and a not-quite-2 year old, but their father worries they’ve inherited my shopping gene!) Usually we come home with a handful of small cars, yet another George Pig and a few obscure compilation albums from the 90s, and last week was no exception. However, there was an extra item in the haul, and here I am modelling it:

You may recognise the brand of the dress as the same style was worn by a rather high-profile lady:

I know, I know, a lot of people have commented on the resemblance, but we’re talking about the dress here. Stay focussed.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, my dress is an Issa. I spotted it on a rail, drawn in by the gorgeous drape of the fabric and pretty pattern, then spotted the label. Not your usual car boot fodder, safe to say! Trying not to hyperventilate, I enquired about the price. The lady apologetically told me it was £10, as it was an expensive dress. I think it was the first time in the history of a car boot sale that there has been no haggling over a transaction. Similar dresses on the Issa website are priced at over £500!

I’m giving it the full K-Middy treatment, pairing it with Russell and Bromley court shoes. No shiny tights though – I have my limits!


7 thoughts on “Issa bargain!

  1. I’m not surprised you were hyperventilating and it fits you so perfectly. £10 – it never happens to me but I need to go to some car boot sales to start. I mentioned it to the other half this Sunday and he said it sounded a dreadful way to start the morning. Ah well. Might go on my own then some time. Back to the dress – it’s lovely but I’m not sure I have the necessary assets up top to fill so nicely as you have done. I mean that in the nicest way.

    • Thanks Sue. It’s very plunging, but luckily on the modest side! Honestly, these assets are hard work – I’ll never look like a Zara model. I love a rummage at a car boot sale – I live in hope of finding some Chanel!

  2. What a find! Beautiful dress and suits you perfectly. I’m ace at charity shops but boot sales are virgin territory for me…

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