Wednesday Want

It’s that time of year… Yes, the summer sales are starting left right and centre. Yippee! I don’t know about you, but I like to use the sales to get a couple of really special bits, rather than bag loads of remorse buys from the high street. And it doesn’t get more special than these Jimmy Choo Biel wedges in orchid glitter…

Now down to £193, I think these would be a fabulous investment purchase. Imagine showing them off at parties!

Sadly, being virtually housebound with a tyrannical 23 month old who will NOT go to bed for anyone but Mummy, I don’t get to a lot of parties, so with much regret I left these beauties on the virtual shelf. I have, however, made a JC sale purchase which is a little more suitable for my lifestyle. Watch this space…


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Want

    • I just feel that with high street stuff, if I could afford it but didn’t buy it then I didn’t want it enough!

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