Sales Haul – Part Four

You thought it was over, didn’t you? Not by a long chalk matey!


I ordered this little bad boy a couple of weeks, but for a host of reasons I literally haven’t been home to have it delivered. Today I finally synchronised with Mr DHL, and here’s my new baby…

I’ve wanted a Jimmy Choo candy clutch ever since I saw Alex of The Frugality wearing one on her blog. However I couldn’t justify another glittery clutch at the time as I had recently acquired this Anya Hindmarch Valorie which pretty much covered that base. However, when I spotted this zebra version (a collaboration with U.S. artist Rob Pruitt) at 70% off, how could I resist? When it arrived enshrined in a pretty pink box and dust bag, I pretty much died of joy. It’s just as lovely as I’d hoped and will glam up a black evening dress a treat!

So that’s a zebra shirt and a zebra bag I’ve acquired this sales period. Surely that’s me done for all things zebrine (yes, that’s a word), right? Erm, well no actually, I do have a couple more sales bits to show you, and one of them might be of the black and white striped persuasion. I won’t wear them all at once, promise!


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