Introducing Challenge 150

Welcome to Day One of what I have lovingly named Challenge 150.

My husband has very little faith in me when it comes to matters fiscal. We were having our monthly ‘chat’ heralding the arrival of the joint account statement, when I made a flippant remark that I could easily not spend anything for the rest of the year. The answering snort of derision was the nasal equivalent of a gauntlet being thrown down. So I am taking up the challenge – 150 days of no spending on clothes, shoes or accessories, ending on my birthday. I will then take what should hopefully be a tidy little sum and buy myself a very nice handbag, and Mr TMT a large slice of humble pie (do they sell that in Harvey Nics?)

The Rules
1. To keep things interesting for you guys, I’m going to wear (and take a photo of!) a different outfit everyday of the challenge. Obviously I will be able to repeat items, I’m not an Ecclestone, but outfits must look materially different.

2. No spending extends to all clothes, shoes and accessories. It does not include underwear, socks or tights.

3. I am allowed to accept gifts of clothing, shoes or accessories and wear them as part of the challenge.

4. I am allowed to spend vouchers generously gifted to me by retailers (I may have been saving these…)

5. Items ordered but not delivered before the start of the challenge are exempt (Boden A/W preview, I’m looking at you).

That about covers it, I think, though I may add to these as time goes on.

It’s going to be hard, isn’t it? All that tantalising A/W stock coming in and me not allowed to buy any of it. It’s a tragedy, but this is now a matter of personal honour!

So, here I am on Day One. This bright Cynthia Rowley number was a TK Maxx find just before I went back to work in September. It hasn’t had a lot of wear as the hem quickly unravelled, and it got abandoned to the pile of stuff awaiting repair/alteration in my daughter’s bedroom. I retrieved it last night, and with the help of a bit of Wundaweb, here we are – good as new!



Dress – Cynthia Rowley via TK Maxx
Shoes – Jemima Vine
Necklace – Next


9 thoughts on “Introducing Challenge 150

  1. I wish you lots of love and you strike me as a determined person who will succeed. However, I know I would fail and rather concede that yes I am rubbish at not spending money and just hold my hands up to it at that point and walk away to the shops. Look forward to the outfit per day!

  2. Wow, u are one brave lady! There’s a blogger from Belfast doing this for one year and I have serious respect for her! I know I could probably do it if I was really determined but clothes make me so happy, and who wantsto listen to a depressed me. Looking forward to following this Amber!

      • Can’t post the link for some reason (WordPress hates me!) it called one year of fashion fasting. It helps that she’s a tiny model and she could probably wear a tesco bag and look good, but it’s still a serious challenge!

  3. I tried this, with a Gucci handbag in mind (the beautiful Disco bag, sob) and lasted one month. Sigh. Good luck!

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