C150 – Day 7

I should probably start by apologising for the Fitflops… But do you know what, I’m not gonna. I suffer from arthritis in my knees, and some days they can be very uncomfortable. Today I’m feeling creaky and a bit sore, so I’ve wheeled out my Fitflops, the only footwear which helps with the discomfort. No, they’re not chic or sexy, but neither is hobbling, and if Phoebe Philo can send furry pool slides down the runway at Celine, then I can wear these!



Dress – Primark
Shoes – Fitflops
Wrap Bracelet – McQ


One thought on “C150 – Day 7

  1. Not pleasant at all – my sister has osteo arthritis and this has affected her knee joints really badly. She has to exercise her legs everyday to keep them flexible and build strength. If wearing fitflops helps – then you should totally. She’s in her 60’s and is in a worse condition than my mum at 80.

    Fab figure.

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