C150 – Day 10

It is SO hot in London (as I write this I am sitting on a packed commuter train with zero air-con, I may die before I finish the post), so I wanted to keep my outfit simple and fuss free. I’ve opted for my Whistles tube skirt, with a light, sheer batwing top by Bella Luxx, a brand I discovered in TK Maxx. My new favourite shoes add the pop of colour **wanky fashion speak alarm**. All in all, I quite like it!



Top – Bella Luxx via TK Maxx
Skirt – Whistles
Shoes – Boden
Ring – Saint Laurent


3 thoughts on “C150 – Day 10

  1. Your skirt looks fantastic. Must admit that I virtually lived in mine when in London last week, as it’s so comfortable and easy to wear.

    • It doesn’t ride up massively like a lot of my others, which is good for my knee angst. Still outraged that I paid the full £50 for it though.

  2. It actually looks longer on you than it does on me. Mine does ride up, but I love it so much. I tired the longer, split one on today. V v nice.

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