C150 – Day 16 & 17

Forgive my absence, have been having minor personal dramas that have left me with no headspace to blog. Apols.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been wearing as the week from hell rumbles on:



Dress – Issa
Shoes – Boden



Jacket – H&M
Dress – Me&Em
Shoes – Boden (I quite like these shoes – can you tell?)

Back tomorrow with a bit more content and a little less whinging!


C150 – Day 15

A late one from me today; work schedule would not allow me to nip to loo for a photo. I would have preferred to have done it looking slightly less dishevelled, but such is life!

This shirt and trousers were part of a big buy-up I did at Gerard Darel at Bicester last summer before I returned from maternity leave, and they have proved great value. I really like Gerard Darel, the quality and cut of the clothes is really excellent. I do worry, though, that a white shirt and black trousers can leave one looking like a waitress, so I’ve jazzed it up with some camo heels (£7.99 in the Zara sale a few weeks back) and a neon bracelet.

20130806-200725.jpgAnd a shoe close up…



Shirt – Gerard Darel
Trousers – Gerard Darel
Shoes – Zara
Bracelet – Boden

C150 – Day 14

Afraid there is no photo of yesterday’s outfit, as I spent the day taking my 2 year old daughter to get her badly broken front tooth removed in hospital. By the time I got home, I was covered in blood, yoghurt and various other effluents and really didn’t have the time or the inclination to take a picture. However, for the sake of the challenge, here is what I wore:



Top – Uniqlo
Jeans – Goldsign
Shoes – Charles Philip Shanghai
Bag – Longchamp

C150 – Day 13

Forgive me dear reader, for I have sinned. I have broken my ban, by buying a BNWT Boden bikini at my local car boot sale. It cost £3. I’ve given myself forty lashes and a stern talking to. To commit this indiscretion I wore a 90s inspired outfit of white tee, denim mini and desert boots. Some may say I committed more than one crime today…



T-shirt – Uniqlo
Skirt – Kew
Boots – Boden
Bracelet – McQ

C150 – Day 12

I bought this IRO t-shirt last year, but I’ve hardly worn it for some reason. It’s a lovely slubby silk in a deep raspberry red and it has that great French I-just-threw-this-on vibe that IRO do so well. Today I saw it peeking out of my drawer and thought, ‘I never wear red, so today I’m damn well wearing it’. I normally abhor red and black together, but because the red of this tee is slightly muted, I think the combo is just about ok. What do you reckon?



T-shirt – IRO
Jeans – Goldsign
Sandals – Boden

Laura Ashley A/W 13

 A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend the Laura Ashley A/W press day and get a sneak preview of their fashion and homeware collections for the new season. While they’ve always been an interiors powerhouse, I think Laura Ashley have struggled to make an impact on the fashion side of things in recent years. Not so this season, the collection was stylish and contemporary enough to attract a new generation of shopper, while not being so ‘directional’ that it will alienate its core. LA1

I loved the rich, jewel-toned colour palette woven through the collection. The gorgeous shades of emerald, sapphire, garnet and amethyst added a real sense of opulence. 


Juxtaposed against this were monochrome, geometric sixties styles – perfect for the office!


The statement jewellery was gorgeous – I can see myself wearing any of these beautiful green-toned necklaces.


I really liked the Global Traveller collection; this printed scarf looks fabulous against the striped jersey biker.


The detailing on the skirts and trousers in this collection were very Marant.


These animal print, ponkskin bags were so luxurious, I would be happy with either of these!

At this point my camera died, so here are some links to my favourite picks:


Animal Print Pintucked Sheer Top and Camisole – £60

Navy and White Stripe Cotton Weave Jacket - £70

Navy and White Stripe Cotton Weave Jacket – £70

Green Snakeskin Print Shirt - £55

Green Snakeskin Print Shirt – £55

Blue Wool Rich Concealed Button Coat - £165

Blue Wool Rich Concealed Button Coat – £165

Angora Mix Jewel Neck Jumper - £70

Angora Mix Jewel Neck Jumper – £70

Butterfly Side Twist Dress - £80

Butterfly Side Twist Dress – £80

Navy and White Ikat Print Tunic Dress - £85

Navy and White Ikat Print Tunic Dress – £85

Spot Print Twist Detail Dress - £75

Spot Print Twist Detail Dress – £75

Tweed Skirt - £65

Tweed Skirt – £65


Cotton Twill Embroidered Waistband Trousers – £55

Floral Front Plain Back Top - £40

Floral Front Plain Back Top – £40

Diamond Print Drape Pocket Tunic - £60

Diamond Print Drape Pocket Tunic – £60

So, anything take your fancy? As always, I love to hear your views, so do let me know what you think!

Happy weekends all x