Sunday Night Fantasy Shopping

So, I’ll tell you one upside of being virtually bedridden for weeks: you save a shed load of money. I’m well ahead of target on the bag fund, which is great, but there are some little temptresses out there tickling my fancy, let me tell you! Here are a couple on my radar this week:

Oh, how I love the Gucci Disco bag. Even the name is fabulous. This bag is just a little slice of 70s deliciousness and I want it in my life. Obviously I will have to employ a butler to carry everything besides my keys, phone and credit card which is all I’ll fit in here, but that’s just doing my bit for the service industry.

Another option would be to ‘double bag’, and as back-up totes go, they don’t get much lovelier than the Michael Kors Jet Set. I already have one of these in white (I call it my Eurotrash bag), but they have made it in sumptuous grey and luxurious burgundy for the winter. How can I say no?

Yum. Seen any bags I should know about. It ain’t over till my husband winces as I hand over my card, so do let me know!


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