Sunday Night Fantasy Shopping

When I was about 16, I acquired my first designer bag. It was a Louis Vuitton mini Speedy in champagne vernis and I could not have loved it more. Even though it was tiny and could just about fit my (admittedly large, it was 2001) phone, keys and lippy, I took it everywhere and felt like a princess every time I carried it. I soon had my head turned by Dior and moved on to an ostrich leather saddle bag (remember them?!) but that little Louis has stayed dear to my heart. I may even look it out the next time I’m at my parents’ house. And the saddle…

Anyway, back at the ranch, my handbag search continues. I’ve admired the Louis Vuitton Noe for a while now and when I heard it was originally designed to transport champagne (HOW decadent?!) I wanted it even more.

I’m not quite the label junkie I was at 16 though, so I’d definitely plump for the plain-coloured epi leather over any monogram alternative. For some reason LV have chosen to have a hideous mobile site and I CBA to boot up my laptop, so you’ll have to make with a tiddly picture:

Coming in at over four figures, they’re not cheap, but the quality of Louis Vuitton bags seems to be excellent (based on my one bag and the groping of others’) so I think it would be worth it (as much as any bag can be worth over a grand!)

So is it an ‘oh, yes’ or an ‘oh, noe’? Over to you folks…


One thought on “Sunday Night Fantasy Shopping

  1. I had a few LV epi leather bags which I stupidly sold (why?!) when my first daughter was born and I decided I had to have cross-body bags from then on. Anyway, great bags, well made, good strong leather and that Noe bag is a beautiful colour.

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