A rogue Lust List

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it? But I couldn’t resist as I made a lovely purchase from this particular store last weekend and have a lot more on my wishlist. And if that wasn’t enough, there is currently 25% off all full-priced items with the code partytimes – perfect timing for the festive season.

So, where am I talking about? None other than Coast. I’ve always had a soft spot for the store – I actually bought my wedding dress there. I was the anti-bridezilla, I emphatically did not want to spend thousands on a dress I’d get a single use from (that’s money that could have been, and indeed was, spent on handbags). Here is my lovely dress, still available at below the £200 mark, and with the judicious addition of a vintage beaded shrug I looked like this (mid-vows):


Anyway, on to my Lust List, starting with the top I snapped up last weekend:

Ginevie Top - £55

Ginevie Top – £55

I really didn’t need a sequin top, but I could NOT resist this one – it’s such a fabulous deep indigo colour, looking almost purple in some lights, and the shape is simple and flattering. I’m planning on wearing it with a slinky black maxi skirt with a high slit and pointy pumps. I’d recommend sizing down in this one, I bought a 6!

Andrea Cardi - £65

Andrea Cardi – £65

I used to have a cardi just like this, though mine was an el cheapo special from H&M, and I found it really useful. It was great over a simple cami and skinnies or a plain dress for a bit of evening sparkle, and I think this one would perform much the same function.

Louie Knitted Dress - £85

Louie Knitted Dress – £85

I tried this dress on when I bought the top, and I was SO tempted it has gone straight on my Christmas wish list. The fabric is that heavy, very elastic kind that you see in Herve Leger dresses so it is very figure hugging but extremely flattering. I love the simplicity of it, this is a dress that you could wear time and again, jazzed up with different accessories, and no-one would be any the wiser!

Sparkle acrylic clutch - £60

Sparkle acrylic clutch – £60

Speaking of accessories, Coast are having a serious moment on that front. If you’re looking for a cheaper version of the Jimmy Choo Candy clutch, this could be just the ticket!


Chunky chain necklace - £35

Chunky chain necklace – £35

Another item that very nearly came home with me (damn that bag fund) was this gorgeous statement necklace. It looked WAY beyond its price tag and would be just the ticket for jazzing up the Louie dress. Love.

Teresa Lane maxi dress - £115

Teresa Lane maxi dress – £115

For a bit of serious Hollywood glamour, how about this maxi? You could even get a bit of Angelina leg-action going on with the split. Personally, I’d lose the gold belt and go big on the jewellery – door knocker earrings and couple of cuffs would seal the deal.

Clayton necklace - £50

Clayton necklace – £50

Another fab necklace that I’m smitten with, this ribbon and diamante piece would look great peeking out from under the collar of a silk shirt, or even over a plain grey tee, come to that.

Snake clutch - £55

Snake clutch – £55

I have precisely no need for another clutch to sit gathering dust in my wardrobe, but if I did, this would be it. I love all things snakey – if you look closely at my photo above, you’ll see I had little Swarovski snakes as my earrings on my wedding day and, though you can’t see them, I wore cream and gold snake print shoes! This bag would fit into my wardrobe quite nicely, and at 25% off maybe there is just a little dust-gathering space somewhere at the back…

So, what’s on your lust list at the moment? As always I love hearing from you guys, so do let me know!



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