Helpful hinting

However much you’ve had your head in the sand, it cannot have escaped your notice that the festive season is nigh. I am trying desperately to get organised on the present front with at least one delivery arriving daily. However, I couldn’t help but notice and be concerned about the amount of parcels arriving for my dear husband. Running total – 0.

This is doubly worrying for me as my birthday falls less than one week before the big day. Now, to be fair, Mr TMT works insane hours. We class a fifty hour week as very quiet. So I do appreciate he is not overburdened with time. However, that understanding and consideration will run out PDQ if my birthday arrives fruitless. Ergo, I thought I’d be helpful and make it really easy for him by creating… A dedicated Pinterest board.20131125-184853.jpg

It was actually really easy to do and a lot less effort than ‘subtle’ hinting. It’s not a prescriptive list but it gives him a jump-off point and saves him spending a fortune on something ugly/inappropriate/functional (delete as applicable) and me the trouble of returning it. So if your significant other is floundering, why not save him a panicked Xmas Eve wandering John Lewis before buying you a new iron and make a board of your own – you may find he’s very grateful!!


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