Happy New Year!

Hope you’ve had a slightly more auspicious start to the new year than I have. Let’s just say the January detox hasn’t quite got underway due to the consumption of a much needed restorative bacon sandwich. Last night Mr TMT and I ventured out on NYE for the first time in 5 years and ended up in a painfully trendy bar where the cocktails were served in the sort of flasks I used in physics experiments and everyone had a ‘directional’ haircut. It was good fun – the ‘ironic’ music they were playing could have come straight from my iPod – but my head is a little sore this morning.
Such an occasion necessitates a new dress, don’t you think, and as luck would have it I stumbled across one while doing the (third) round of the Selfridges sale. I bagged this James Perse tank dress for the knock down price of £50, reduced from £250.

20140101-122717.jpgIt doesn’t look that exciting but I’ve been looking like a dress like this for a couple of years. I had a fab maternity version from Isabella Oliver that I absolutely loved and have been looking for a non-maternity equivalent ever since. It will be really versatile as I can glam it up with heels and jewels for most evening occasions or sling it on with flip flops and a denim jacket in the summer. I wore it last night with a chunky chain collar necklace from Coast and a pair of metallic ankle boots that I bagged in the Dune sale. I didn’t feel too out of place among the hipsters, so it can’t have been too bad that or I’m delusional. Here is a very low quality drunken photo, featuring my husband’s thumb.

20140101-123403.jpgYou get the idea…

Back soon with my style resolutions and a round up of my sales purchases!


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