Last year I made only one serious resolution (obviously I included all the old gumph about diet/exercise) and that was to pass my driving test. I notched that up 6 months ago (ahem, 6th time’s a charm, apparently) and have been floating around aimlessly ever since.

So it is with some pleasure I set myself a new glut of goals to fail at today (I had to get over the NY hangover, then I got ridiculously spannered on the 2nd so I had to get over that too) so here goes:

1. Blog more regularly. I had a lot of good feedback on the more ‘thoughtpiece’ type stuff I did towards the end of last year, so I’ll be trying my hand at a bit more of that.

2. Shop more mindfully. I’ve been honing this quite well over the last couple of years, but there is still room for improvement. Generally my mistake buys have been the cheaper ones – I just can’t ever really LOVE something that cost £8 because I don’t feel really invested in it.

3. Diet/exercise gumph. I am loath to admit I’ve put on a couple of lbs over the festive season, but I have, so I need to sort that. Also I would like to spend less time stressing about my cellulite so more fluids, more exercise, less biscuits.

4. Resolve work dilemma. My present work situation isn’t really making me happy, and I’m worried by the impact it is having on my family, so I need to think very carefully about where to go from here, especially as my eldest starts school in September *sob*.

And finally, and most importantly…

5. Make the most of my kids. I spend far too much time ‘worrying about the next thing’ rather than enjoying the ‘here and now’. My babies are growing up so fast and I need to STOP responding to work emails on my days off while batting them away saying ‘in a minute!’ and soak up every delicious molecule of them before they go to school, make loads of friends and decide I’m a sad old tosser, good only for the provision of lifts and money to spend in Hollister.

So there we go, nothing to taxing, except the diet/exercise bit which will doubtless fall by the wayside long before the end of the month and the lure of the luxury M&S biscuit selection in the cupboard proves too great.

So, have you made any resolutions? Broken them yet? Do tell…


2 thoughts on “Resolve

  1. The children thing really rings true, I started turning my wifi on my phone off a while back & popping it away in my wardrobe when I’m around the little girl so I don’t miss stuff & can focus more on her rather than, as you say “in minute”

  2. Hi Amber
    Your New Year’s goals sound lovely and really thoughtful. I love the ‘here and now’ vibe – but also wish you luck with your long-term work & family goals. Transitions can be difficult and painful, but it sounds great that you are contemplating change. I’ve done big changes quite a few times and although changing can be painful and anxiety-inducing, letting go of the old has always brought in lots of lovely new experiences!

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