Crazy sales bargains…

Ooh, it’s my favourite part of the sales – y’know, when the 70% reductions start getting thrown around. Oh, yes, the time if ripe to grab some bargains. I always use the sales to acquire things I’d baulk at spending full price on. I can’t get excited about £15 off a £65 top (looking at you, Whistles), but £300 off a £450 pair of shoes? My interest is piqued.

So, because I’m a caring sharing kind of person, I thought I’d do a little round up of the best designer buys at insanely low prices. Hide your purse and read on…

Christopher Kane peach lace flower cotton and cashmere t-shirt - NOW £50 Was £180

Christopher Kane peach lace flower cotton and cashmere t-shirt – NOW £50 Was £180

This Christopher Kane top was THE tee of the season! I know some don’t like to buy memorable items like this as they are so intrinsically linked to the season they went down the catwalk, but the way I see it, you’re getting a little piece of fashion history for only £50! Harvey Nichols have lots of pieces from the Botanical collection heavily reduced.

By Malene Birger Uminni black jersey jumpsuit - NOW £49 Was £165

By Malene Birger Uminni black jersey jumpsuit – NOW £49 Was £165

I knew I shouldn’t have written this post – I now NEED this jumpsuit. I’ve had my eye on it all season, and here it is, in my size, hugely reduced. I love the silk inserts, which elevate the simple jersey style to something elegant and evening-appropriate.

Saint Laurent monochrome printed canvas skate shoes - NOW £78 Was £260

   Saint Laurent monochrome printed canvas skate shoes – NOW £78 Was £260

Saint Laurent for £78? Yes indeed. And they’re also my size. Snap them up if you’re a 39, if only to stop me doing so!

Isabel Marant Bekett High Top Trainer - NOW £145 Was £145

Isabel Marant Bekett High Top Trainer – NOW £145 Was £145

Another insane footwear deal here – the iconic Isabel Marant Bekett High Top Trainer. These will be a boon come A/W as they are SO WARM. I bought my zebra print pair from Morgan Clare back in December and haven’t regretted it for a second. And dare I say this neutral pair may even be a tad more versatile?

Alexander McQueen classic skull silk scarf - NOW £115 Was £165

Alexander McQueen classic skull silk scarf – NOW £115 Was £165

Another legendary piece her, the McQueen skull scarf. These are so rarely discounted I had to shout about this one – the vibrant orange is so on trend, and come A/W this bright beauty will breathe new life into a navy or great winter coat.

Toga buckled suede ankle boots NOW £97.50 Was £325

Toga buckled suede ankle boots NOW £97.50 Was £325

I won’t lie – money has changed hands and these boots are now in my possession. I pinned them to my wish list WAY back in February, so it feels rather serendipitous to have snapped them up for so little. Frabjous day! I’ll be wearing them all winter long, with super-skinnies and a pea coat, Left Bank stylee.

Issa Wrap-effect silk-jersey top - NOW £88.50 Was £295

Issa Wrap-effect silk-jersey top – NOW £88.50 Was £295

If you did want to invest in something a little more timeless, you’d be hard pressed to go wrong with this Issa wrap top. This top could be fabulous for a wedding with fitted trousers or a pencil skirt and killer heels, or equally it could be a really useful part of your work wardrobe.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Melita drape front jersey dress - NOW £114 Was £228

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Melita drape front jersey dress – NOW £114 Was £228

If you have an event coming up soon, you won’t go far wrong with Anglomania. Viv knows how to dress a woman’s body! I’m sorely tempted myself!

So, lots of designer buys, all at under £150 – don’t say I never do anything for you. And if you needed further proof that girding your loins and playing sales chicken is worthwhile, behold…

Alexander Wang Lovisa Pumps NOW £136.50 Was £445

Alexander Wang Lovisa Pumps NOW £136.50 Was £445

I have wanted a pair of Lovisas for SO long, but I bided my time and pounced as soon as NaP did their further reductions. I’m so glad I did. It’s love.

Right, I’m off to definitely NOT order that Malene Birger jumpsuit. Happy Saturday all!


Mama got a brand new bag

I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately. Profuse apologies – crazy busy at work and with training for a couple of races. ANYWAY, I’m now on holiday for a couple of weeks so be prepared for a blog deluge!

The sales season is starting and this week those good people at Matches sent me a sale preview code. I really didn’t think I wanted anything, but I thought I’d have a squiz anyway. Big mistake. Huge.
I’d been fancying a silver bag for a while, but I’d not found ‘the one’. Then I saw this Alexander Wang Rockie. Yes, my beloved Rocco’s baby brother. So sparkly, so pretty, so MINE.


Hanging out

Feeling a little fragile today after a night on the sauce for Mr TMT’s birthday. I’ll spare you the details but suffice to say I ended up belting out Cher in a karaoke bar. Needless to say, comfort was definitely the order of the day when I crawled out of bed this morning.

This is about as close to a pretty pastel ensemble as you’ll find me in. I don’t really do ‘girly’, which I think of as synonymous with pastels, but I spotted this tee while browsing the Outnet, and as I love these muscle tees, I couldn’t resist.


I’ve paired it with another great Outnet find, Zoe Karssen leopard-print track pants, a pair of pale pink Superga, and possible the oldest item in my wardrobe; my trusty denim jacket. Bought from Calvin Klein in Los Angeles over 10 years ago, it has been serving me faithfully every summer since. I think it has aged pretty well, and now has a great beaten-up (think the technical term is distressed) look to it.

Another quality shot taken by my husband, nicely grazing the top of my head, and believe me, this was the best of a very bad lot, where i looked by turns smug and mentally subnormal.

Top – T by Alexander Wang via the Outnet
Track pants – Zoe Karssen via the Outnet
Trainers – Superga
Jacket – Calvin Klein
Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco

So, what are you planning on wearing tomorrow, possibly the hottest day of the year (I’d say so far, but the way things have been I might be tempting fate…)?

A few of my favourite things (and not a raindrop or kitten in sight!)

Happy weekend everyone! I’m looking forward to two days in the company of my family, and a nice meal out with Mr TMT later.

First though, I’m out running some tedious errands – in fact, I’m coming to you live from Wimbledon sorting office. The. Glamour.

Today I’m debuting the Next jersey biker I blogged about here. I really, really love it! Very cosy and a great shape. If you’re fancy it do size down though – I got the 8, and I can never shoehorn my ample bosom into a size 8 jacket so this is definitely a generous fit!

I also dug out an old pair of skinny flares from c.2008 and I’m actually liking the look (though I can’t quite believe how low the rise is!) They work well with my wedge trainers and make a nice change from skinnies.

So, something old, something new, how about something new and blue? Well the beanie is a gorgeously soft chunky Scottish cashmere knit bought from eBay, which arrived today. I’m really pleased with it!


Jacket – Next
T-shirt – Cos
Jeans – Miss Selfridge
Wedge Trainers – Ash
Hat – Ebay
Necklace – Etsy
Bag – Alexander Wang Rocco


My fabulous new Saint Laurent Arty ring. I’ve wanted one of these for absolutely ages and I love it!

A love story…

There are many different kinds of love; lust fuelled passion… love at first sight… enduring love that only grows and deepens over time. And then there is that very special type of love, that incorporates all these and more.

Dear readers, I am very lucky to be able to say I have found this love. And on 26 December 2012, in the hallowed halls of Harvey Nichols, our union was sanctified, and my beloved and I became one. In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m talking about a handbag. This handbag in fact:

20130214-130634.jpgThe Alexander Wang Rocco.

It was immediate, as soon as I caught sight of Rocco, swinging from the arm of one Cheryl Cole, I knew he was the one. However, that was 2009, and I was pregnant and busy spending all our money on Isabella Oliver, a Bugaboo travel system and a Barbadian babymoon.

However, from then on, Rocco was never far from my thoughts. I won’t lie, other bags did come between us; Mulberry(s), Marc, Anya and Louis, my head was turned by all of them, but their charms faded, and I kept coming back to Rocco.

So in December 2012, I made a decision; no more dalliance with the unsuitable. It was time. It was sale time.

But the course of true love never did run smooth, and obstacles stood in our way. First, a transport strike was planned on Boxing Day. No matter, I’d get up at 7am, take the 3 buses required to get from my home to Selfridges, snare my Rocco and be home by lunchtime. Christmas Day came and went and I fell asleep that night, dreaming of what would be.

Then, when the alarm sounded early on the 26th, one thing quickly became apparent. I was not very well. At all. Some bastard had come in the night and fitted a spiked iron band around my chest. But would I give up that easily? Faint heart never won fair handbag. Wheezing, I donned a bobble hat and thick coat and set off on my epic journey.

Three buses and a copy of In Style later I was limping down Regent Street, a woman possessed. I arrived at the accessories hall, plastic at the ready, to find… Nothing, nada, zilch. Not a Rocco-shaped sausage. They weren’t on sale.

At this point, I’m not ashamed to tell you, I seriously considered admitting defeat. Then, inspiration struck. I whipped out my iPhone and loaded up the Net-a-Porter sale. But again, the hope swelling in my heart subsided like a deflated puffer fish as it became apparent Rocco was not on sale there either.

I had one more shot at this: Knightsbridge. I found myself hailing a taxi as the thought of another bus was just too overwhelmingly grim, and 10 minutes later I was handing over a King’s ransom to a taxi driver with scant social skills and stepping out onto Brompton Road. Once more, I found myself beating a path to the accessories hall. Where I found…3 Roccos. But they were bright red. And I hate red handbags. Sob. That was it, it was not meant to be. My love would remain unrequited forever more. I turned to haul my sorry arse home on the bus.

And then… There he was, shyly peeping up at me from a bottom shelf. Beautiful velvety grey leather with gunmetal hardware. If I’d had a knife in my back I wouldn’t have moved faster – that bad boy was swinging from my hand in a Harvey Nichols bag before you could say ‘Visa’. And we all lived happily ever after, although I was diagnosed with pneumonia the very next day. Totally worth it.

The End.

Happy Valentine’s Day!