(Probably not) made in Chelsea

You’ll have noticed by now I’ve curbed my spending (a bit) in pursuit of a lovely new handbag. Broadly speaking, it hasn’t been that hard, largely owing to the fact I have quite an extensive wardrobe, but there is one item I’ve had a yen for – a pair of Chelsea boots. I remember having a pair from Ravel (remember them?) when I was about 8 or 9 and loving them, and just lately I’ve been thinking they might be the solution to all my footwear problems (so, just like every other pair of boots I’ve ever bought then?)

At first I thought I might get the Russell & Bromley Cadogans, which I’ve wanted for a couple of years but, being a constantly evolving creature, I have now decided they are too shiny.

The Grenson Jessies are very similar but less shiny and I really like these, but I’m not yet totally sure whether I want brogue detailing or not.

If I were going to opt for brogue detailing, these Balenciaga Arenas would be the dream. Well, if they’re good enough for Kate Moss…

From the sublime to the ridiculous but also pretty sublime, I saw this beautiful blue velvet Penelope Chilvers pair in the flesh at Matches the other day. They are sumptuous, but I need to remember my lifestyle is not one into which a pair of velvet boots would easily fit.

A surprising contender from M&S here – the navy elastic insert adds a bit of interest and I always get on well with an almond toe (I have weird pointy feet).

If I could have any boots at all it would be this Saint Laurent pair, but they would eat quite heavily into the bag fund and I’d have to get the Gucci Disco (the cheapest on my shortlist – what a hardship). They are pretty special though.

I’ve always had a good success rate with Dune boots, and I like the low ankle on this pair. Not the most exciting by any means, but I do like them.


And onto the ones I’ll probably buy – the Dr Martens Kensington Flora. I used to love my DMs as a kid and I think I’m ready for my first adult pair. This is a nice entry level option before I graduate to the 8-hole.

They also come in burgundy, which I really love, but would that be limiting? I don’t know.

So which do you like the best? Please don’t say the Saint Laurent…


Sunday Night Fantasy Shopping

So, I owe you two bags this week don’t I, as I didn’t manage to post one last week? Well, since you ask so nicely…

20130825-200216.jpgI just LOVE the colour of this Givenchy Nightingale tote, and doesn’t the leather look deliciously squishy? Part of me thinks I ought to buy a black bag, as I don’t really have one, but my heart is telling me I want blue or grey. This one would love amazing with denim.

If I were to pick a black bag, I could do a lot worse than this classic Balenciaga Giant City:

20130825-200749.jpgI like the textured leather and silver hardware, and let’s face it – this bag is just plain cool. Making this list is getting harder and harder, I just want them all!

Not since Nelly and Kelly has there been such a Dilemma…

So, I mentioned that for the past few weeks I’ve been a-saving for a new summer bag (extremely out of character, I normally just use the joint account and have an argument with my husband about what constitutes reasonable expenditure when the statement arrives).

Well, I’m nearly there, and the purchase will be made in a week or so. Yippee. I was all set to go and buy this little bad boy….

20130224-092513.jpg…when, whilst having an idle Sunday morning Matches browse, I found this magnificent beast

20130224-092834.jpgWhat’s a girl to do? I have neither a cobalt nor a silver bag, so which one do I get? The size of the Hulme is better for me, with my proclivity to lug the kitchen sink, yet I’m scared of the delicate suede lining. But it comes with a gold dinosaur keyring… But I do love silver for summer.

Readers, this is a serious issue, please do leave a comment and help me decide…