OMG. It’s an outfit post.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it? I’d also forgotten that you need to take about 60 photos in order to get one where you look only slightly mentally subnormal.

Anyway, this outfit was a bit of a rush job (*someone* overslept) but I was quite pleased with it so I thought I’d


Jumper – Uniqlo (men’s)
Jeans – Topshop
Slippers – Charles Philip Shanghai (faintly similar here)
Bag  – Gucci


Things what I bought in the sales

So January is FINALLY over, I’ve been paid (thank god) and I’m ready to embrace the new season. Sorry you’ve not seen much of me lately – I’ve come good on my New Year’s Resolution to do more exercise and have been out running pretty much every spare minute of my day.

So, what have a bought in the sales? Well beside a lot of neon running gear, which I’ll spare you the sight of, quite a bit actually…

You’ve seen these already, the Isabel Marant Bennett wedge high top:


These are already proving their worth and have been worn many times. They tick all the boxes for me. A good buy!

Zoe Karssen ‘Homme’ hoodie:

20140131-125104.jpgI’m wearing this as we speak. I picked it up half price in the Matches sale and I love it. So comfy while being fitted and still slightly edgy so I don’t feel like a total slob.

Hobbs Lulu dress:


I’d been stalking this dress for a while and when it dropped to £50 I bagged it. A great work basic.

Jewel of Liberty silk scarf:

20140131-125758.jpgSometimes an item just speaks to you. I spotted this scarf when I was mooching in Liberty just before Christmas and I just fell in love. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure, but I’ve never liked tea anyway. I got it at half price which I was very pleased about. I’ve worn it a few times air hostess style but I’m looking for inspiration to tie it in other ways if anyone has an idea!

Me&Em Ruched Cowl Neck Dress

Me&EmI have the short sleeved version of this dress in navy and it has been so useful that I couldn’t resist the forest green long-sleeved version. I’ve said it before but these dresses feel as close to wearing your pyjamas to work as possible – perhaps I shouldn’t be so pleased about that, but in my world comfort is king!

James Perse Tank Dress


I’ve shown you my James Perse dress before, but I am so pleased with this one, it really is a ‘take you anywhere’ dress with the right accessories – not bad for £50.

Dune Nins boots

Dune NiinsThese were a bit of an impulse buy while roaming the Selfridges sale. They have a very definite look of the Rag & Bone Newburys but were about a tenth of the price. I’m finding them very useful on evenings out when I want to look a bit glam but can’t face cold feet (i.e. 9 months of the year).

Comptoir des Cotonniers wedge boots


Irritatingly these boots are now cheaper than they were when I bought them, but I have had so much wear out of them I can’t begrudge £20. They are fabulously French chic and easy on the feet. What’s not to like?

Charles Phillip Slippers

CPSAnother buy you already know about, my fab tartan slippers. Impractical and a bit ridiculous, these make me happy every time I look at my feet!

Rich and Skinny jeans


These jeans were a lucky TK Maxx find. I always find my best buys in their clearance section which either means I have hideous taste and am hopelessly deluded or that the general public are less appreciative than I. I prefer the latter option. These may have knocked my Goldsign Virtuals off the top of my jeans hierarchy – they are so flattering. There were a few different Rich and Skinny styles in my local branch, so could be worth a look.

Dr Denim solitaire jeggings

Dr DenimI needed black jeans and I was all ready to spring for some premium denim but was struggling to find what I wanted. I know my favourites The Dressing Room stock this label, and Deryane the manager knows her stuff, so I thought I’d give the Solitaire jeggings a whirl. I’m really glad I did! When they arrived they were TINY. I genuinely didn’t think an actual human could wear them, but man, do they stretch. The rise on these is high, as in up to my navel, but I love that as there is zero danger of flashing my pants. They keep their shape remarkably well and for £30, I’m made up.

C150 – Day 14

Afraid there is no photo of yesterday’s outfit, as I spent the day taking my 2 year old daughter to get her badly broken front tooth removed in hospital. By the time I got home, I was covered in blood, yoghurt and various other effluents and really didn’t have the time or the inclination to take a picture. However, for the sake of the challenge, here is what I wore:



Top – Uniqlo
Jeans – Goldsign
Shoes – Charles Philip Shanghai
Bag – Longchamp

And it was all yellow

Good thing I took this shot early in the day, as the shirt no longer looks like this. A couple of hours in the garden with my progeny and it has been daubed with ice cream, smeared with chocolate and splattered with earth. I am about to get changed!


Still, it was a nice outfit while it lasted!

Shirt – Gap
Jeans – Goldsign
Shoe – Charles Philip Shanghai

In The Pink

Due to a massive fail to take a photo today, here’s what I wore to work yesterday:
20130502-172353.jpgI love the bold combination of cobalt blue and neon pink together, so I used those two colours as my focal points against a simple palette of monochrome. Nah, I didn’t really – I just grabbed a few things out of my wardrobe at random and the net result was the happy accident of a half-decent outfit! The earrings are new, and I’m still in that silly, excitable phase where I want to wear them every day, so expect to see them repeatedly for a couple of weeks.

Blazer – Zara
Dress – Me&Em
Shoes – Charles Philip Shanghai
Earrings – Kate Spade
Bag – Raoul

You’re having ne-on

Forgive the dodgy end of the day mirror shot. I’ve been so busy actually doing my job that I didn’t even have time to nip to the loo (I know, right? Someone call the Court of Human Rights…)

Anyway, those of you who follow me on twitter (and if you don’t, you should) might have seen me mithering on about whether I dared to wear neon to work. Well dare I did, albeit in an incredibly safe and toned down way. I bought this shirt in the Gap sale and I love everything about it – the fit, the colour, all just perfect. I put it with this grey tube skirt from Hush (a sale buy from ages ago that I haven’t had a lot of wear out of) and my beloved leopard slippers. I wasn’t going to wear the sweater initially but I bottled it at the eleventh hour fearing the inevitable glut of ‘high-visibility’ jokes from colleagues.

Today was also a landmark in that it was my first day sans opaques since about September. Long may it continue!

Jumper – Uniqlo
Shirt – Gap
Skirt – Hush
Shoes – Charles Philip Shanghai

Because I’m worth it

Well, to all my London readers –  wasn’t it a beautiful day? And to everyone else, I hope it was as nice where you are!

I wore this outfit for a bit of light shopping (ostensibly for Mr TMT’s birthday tomorrow, but I slipped in a few bits for myself, which you’ll see in future posts). I bought the jeans on a quick sales dash to Gap after work on Thursday, having tried them on previously. Due to my husband’s handiwork, this isn’t the most flattering shot (though my hair looks shampoo-commercial ready) but they look better in real life, and are very comfortable. They also go nicely with my rapidly expanding collection of slipper flats. I went matchy-matchy with my bag and top (my secret shame, I do like a bit of co-ordination on the sly) as the emerald felt like the perfect colour for a bright Spring day. Here’s to much, much more of the same…


Jacket – Next
Top – Cos
Jeans – Gap (£29.99 in store)
Shoes – Charles Philip Shanghai
Bag – Anya Hindmarch