What’s on my wish list?

I’ve recently made a promise to myself that I will only buy things that make my heart sing this A/W. I have enough cashmere jumpers to clothe the population of China and I’m pretty set for basics like jeans, so this is to be the season of the special buys. Now, special doesn’t have to mean expensive (though unfortunately, it usually does), it just has to mean something that really gets me into a frenzy of ‘I need that, NOW’. The Rockstuds were one such purchase (though technically a gift *snogs husband*).

So, in the words of those notorious wordsmiths, the Spice Girls, I’ll tell you what I want (what I really, really want)…

Helmut Lang ruched jersey dress - £180

Helmut Lang ruched jersey dress – £180

I tried this dress on the other day. My life, was it flattering. I was wearing red lippy at the time and I looked a bit (if you squinted) like one of those girls out of the Addicted to Love video (if you’re too young to know what I’m talking about you have no business reading this blog). I do have a lovely little James Perse LBD, but this is more appropriate for the cooler months. Must. Have.

Stuart Weitzman 50-50 - £455

Stuart Weitzman 50-50 – £455

I’m currently Ebaying all my non-vital organs for these. I’ve been after a pair of 50-50s for yonks and this burgundy pair has well and truly won my heart. I will love them with a reverence that borders on obscenity.

Helen Moore Multi Vixen Scarf - £120

Helen Moore Multi Vixen Scarf – £120

I already have a plain burgundy version of this scarf but I just LOVE the colour combination here. Not for everyone, I know but I love the idea of dressing up some of my black outerwear with this crazy little number.

Nike Bronze Air Max - £105

Nike Bronze Air Max – £105

I can cheerfully say I have never been so in love with such a practical item of footwear. I can just see these going with EVERYTHING. Plus I did Air Max back in the 90s so this is a nostalgia buy for me.

Liv Leather Leggings in Black - £339

Liv Leather Leggings in Black – £339

Further affirming my desire to live in the Baukjen lookbook are these leather leggings. They look (and doubtless feel) delicious. I think they will be the answer to all my wardrobe prayers.

Givency Antigona Rottweiler large clutch  -£290

Givenchy Antigona Rottweiler large clutch -£290

I’ve had my eye on this clutch for about a year now. While I really have no requirement for a new evening bag, something about this one keeps me in its thrall. An itch I have to scratch, I think.

So, there we are. My A/W wish list. Anyone want to lend me a couple of grand? Anyone?


Sunday Night Fantasy Shopping

So, I owe you two bags this week don’t I, as I didn’t manage to post one last week? Well, since you ask so nicely…

20130825-200216.jpgI just LOVE the colour of this Givenchy Nightingale tote, and doesn’t the leather look deliciously squishy? Part of me thinks I ought to buy a black bag, as I don’t really have one, but my heart is telling me I want blue or grey. This one would love amazing with denim.

If I were to pick a black bag, I could do a lot worse than this classic Balenciaga Giant City:

20130825-200749.jpgI like the textured leather and silver hardware, and let’s face it – this bag is just plain cool. Making this list is getting harder and harder, I just want them all!

Sunday Night Fantasy Shopping

For reasons that will become clear in the next few days, every Sunday evening fantasy shop for the rest of the year will feature a handbag. Let’s just call this the long list…

The first of the 21 handbags I’ll be featuring in the coming weeks is this, the Givenchy Antigona. Smooth, sharp and sexy, it comes in an array of shades, but I think I like it best in classic black.


Yep, I could see this one housing all my maternal detritus treasured possessions quite nicely!