OMG. It’s an outfit post.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it? I’d also forgotten that you need to take about 60 photos in order to get one where you look only slightly mentally subnormal.

Anyway, this outfit was a bit of a rush job (*someone* overslept) but I was quite pleased with it so I thought I’d


Jumper – Uniqlo (men’s)
Jeans – Topshop
Slippers – Charles Philip Shanghai (faintly similar here)
Bag  – Gucci


Back in the saddle

Hello strangers, long time no see

I appreciate this is entirely my fault, but life has changed significantly chez TMT and I hope to be doing a lot more blogging over the next few months. Yeah, yeah, I hear you dry, you’ve heard it all before, but this time I genuinely might pull it off. Why? Because I’ve taken a year out from corporate life and am currently a full time SAHM for the next year. My progeny have started school and pre-school respectively this week and trying to synchronise the three different types of childcare I’d need to be able to work was giving me a panic attack and as I am fortunate enough to have the option, I thought I’d do it myself. SO, there probably will be a bit less workwear, though I’ll still be featuring it (I need a kick-ass RTW wardrobe, don’t I?) but hopefully more content as a whole.

ANYWAY, enough of my mithering (autocorrect changed that to mothering, how apt) and on to what we’re all really interested in – fashion. While I might not have been posting, I’ve certainly been shopping, so I’ll start with a few of my recent wardrobe additions and what I thought of them.

First up, I had a bit of a spree at Baukjen. They are so on it this season, I found myself saying the other day that I just wanted to move into the catalogue!

Henfield Bandeau Top - £49

Henfield Bandeau Top – £49

I bought this top simply because I love the way it is styled on the website – easy, simple and chic. I would advise sizing down; I got the small and really I think I could have done with the XS as, while it’s in no danger of falling down, I would still prefer it a little tighter. I wore it recently with ripped jeans and bright pointy flats and felt really good in the ensemble.

Weston Jumpsuit - £99

Weston Jumpsuit – £99

This jumpsuit is so comfortable it should be illegal. I wore this on a night out at a club and felt like I was wearing my pyjamas. It was so simple to style as well – statement necklace and zebra print heels – I was good to go. It was also great to wear the next day with my high tops when ruinously hungover. Unlike a lot of jumpsuits, this one is really flattering on the bum. I got an 8 which is a perfect fit.

Wrap Belt – £69

The last item I picked up was this gorgeous obi style wrap belt. I won’t lie, this is significantly more than I would normally spend on a belt but I fell in love and have worn it a lot. I’ve found it really useful for work, perfect for brightening up a waitress style white shirt, black pencil skirt combo, or lovely over a black or navy dress. I’ve also worn it over a black blazer and cami in the evening with skinny jeans. I would say that it is one size, so while it looks similar on me to the model (I have a 24in waist, shame about the thighs and arse) if you had a bigger waist you may not get the same effect.

Another wardrobe hero I have to mention is this Jigsaw cami:

Silk Camisole - £39

Silk Camisole – £39

It actually looks a lot better on the Jigsaw website (this picture is from the John Lewis site as Jigsaw don’t seem to be Mac friendly), but this cami has been worth it’s weight in gold. I searched high and low for a nice SILK cami with adjustable straps and finally found this. I love it and wear it a lot. Good work Jigsaw!

Another high street hero comes in the form of these jeans:

Bleach Wash New Baxter Jeans - £40

Bleach Wash New Baxter Jeans – £40

I’m normally a bit of a premium denim junkie but I found myself in Topshop trying on a load of jeans and I have to say I was really impressed. These came home with me and I have been really happy with them. They hold their shape really well and are (I think) really quite flattering for a pale wash. Only slight gripe is that they were obviously made for something taller as the rips come a little below my knees but that’s not really Topshop’s fault!

I’ve suddenly developed a real shirt addiction. Luckily Uniqlo have a really splendid collection of shirts to feed my habit without bankrupting me totally.

Denim Long Sleeve Shirt - £19,90

Denim Long Sleeve Shirt – £19,90

Everyone needs a denim shirt, right? Well this is a great one to have, good thick fabric in a lovely dark wash.

Silk Sleeveless Blouse - £29.90

Silk Sleeveless Blouse – £29.90

I’ve been wanting a black sleeveless shirt for a while. To get it in silk for under £30 was the icing on the cake. Tremendous.

Ines Cotton Twill Long Sleeve Shirt - £29.90

Ines Cotton Twill Long Sleeve Shirt – £29.90

This white shirt is from the Ines de la Fressange collection and is really lovely. It is quite long, just covers my bum, slightly oversized and mannish with lovely shaping to the shirt-tails. The fabric is soft and thick. Very pleased indeed. I got a size S in all of these Uniqlo shirts.

Continuing my shirt frenzy with something slightly more expensive, ahem, I attended the opening of the Sloane Square branch of J.Crew on Tuesday evening, where I snapped up this:

Flannel Shirt - £89.50

Flannel Shirt – £89.50

I wouldn’t normally drop this on a cotton shirt but the colours and cut are beautiful and I know I will wear it a lot. Sizing is typically generous, I got a UK 6 and event that is relatively roomy.

Now, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a handbag to include in this little line up.

Gucci Soho Disco Bag - £570

Gucci Soho Disco Bag – £570

Terrible picture on the Gucci site – will take my own and upload at some point as this doesn’t do it justice! I have to admit, this purchase was fuelled by three bottles of Rioja after a very boozy lunch on Bank Holiday Monday. Note to self, do not drink within walking distance of Selfridges. Anyway, I’m glad I got her as she is such lovely leather and fills the little navy bag shaped hole in my life quite snugly.

The last item on my list of recent acquisitions, I’m still waiting for. HURRY UP DHL!

Rockstud textured-leather point-toe flats - £575

Rockstud textured-leather point-toe flats – £575

Today is my fourth wedding anniversary and these little beauties are my present. Off out for dinner tonight and hoping to wear them – apparently an £8 delivery charge means nothing. Sigh.

Anyway, that completes my round-up of recent purchases. What do you think? Any clangers in there? I’ll be back soon with my A/W wish list…

Sunday Night Fantasy Shopping

So, I’ll tell you one upside of being virtually bedridden for weeks: you save a shed load of money. I’m well ahead of target on the bag fund, which is great, but there are some little temptresses out there tickling my fancy, let me tell you! Here are a couple on my radar this week:

Oh, how I love the Gucci Disco bag. Even the name is fabulous. This bag is just a little slice of 70s deliciousness and I want it in my life. Obviously I will have to employ a butler to carry everything besides my keys, phone and credit card which is all I’ll fit in here, but that’s just doing my bit for the service industry.

Another option would be to ‘double bag’, and as back-up totes go, they don’t get much lovelier than the Michael Kors Jet Set. I already have one of these in white (I call it my Eurotrash bag), but they have made it in sumptuous grey and luxurious burgundy for the winter. How can I say no?

Yum. Seen any bags I should know about. It ain’t over till my husband winces as I hand over my card, so do let me know!

A quick one from me…

I’m just starting to emerge, wincing in the light, from my meningitis fog, so I’ll dip my toe gently back into blogging by showing you a few new acquisitions.

Since I’ve relaxed my spending ban I have picked up a couple of bits, though I haven’t gone too nuts

Much has been made of the J Crew Tippi sweaters, and I didn’t really get the hype – they just looked like another crew neck jumper to me. However, I saw this fish print version on a stylish friend and she looked so fabulous in it I had to snap it up.

20131009-200915.jpgWhen I had it in my hands a couple of days later (super quick delivery from the US) I understood the fuss. The merino is deliciously soft and light, yet super warm, and the cut is extremely flattering. I love the quirky print, though next time I think I’ll get a plain grey. Excellent value at the sale price of £40, I thought. I won’t be wearing it with my Hawaiian print shorts though – sorry to disappoint.

My next buy was this Baukjen Ruched skirt. I had the maternity version from Isabella Oliver and it was so useful, so when Baukjen emailed me a random 43% discount code I ordered it in the grey.

20131009-201644.jpgI’m really pleased with it – the fit is great and it is a delight to wear as it is so comfortable. I think it will become a very useful work staple!

I bought this Hobbs dress on a trip to Bicester. I had liked it at the full price £110 so I was made up to find it there for £30.

20131009-202232.jpgIt’s a bit of a departure from my usual bodycon dresses, but I really love the print and hey, it’s nice to have something to wear on days you don’t feel like putting the goods in the shop window.

The last cheeky buy was a bit more of an indulgence. I got a bonus at work and wanted to make sure I bought something special before it was swallowed up in the litany of child related expenses that seem to absorb my salary like a particularly effective sheet of kitchen roll. I was half toying with getting something sensible, like a pair of sturdy boots when I clocked these little bad boys in Gucci at Bicester….

20131009-202705.jpgWell, who needs practical footwear anyway?