Fur real!

It’s always nice to be ahead of a trend. The one I can safely say I’ve been doing for years which has finally come home to roost is faux fur. You’ll see in my post below I am wearing a leopard faux fur coat. This was an awesome bargain – I snapped it up for £20 in the ASOS sale last year. In addition I have a short leopard print jacket, bought for me for my 24th (wait, is that right?) birthday by my then-boyfriend, now-husband and a short black version which I bought from Gap, of all places, 8 years ago. They all get wheeled out year on year so, to me, faux fur is quite a good investment. Not least because it’s not an everyday thing so it doesn’t take the battering a more quotidien coat might. And let’s face it, nothing says glam like a nice fur…

This season the fashion world has gone nuts for faux fur, in all styles and hues. It all started with Shrimps:

Shrimps - £595

Shrimps – £595

Hannah Weiland’s fledgling label became a fashion editor-endorsed sensation and suddenly everyone was talking about her playful faux-fur coats and accessories. This beautiful navy version is on my wish list. The high street soon caught on and the shops are now awash with faux. Here are my favourites:

Warehouse - £85

Warehouse – £85

I must confess this Warehouse coat is on it’s way to me as we speak. I think the gorgeous deep grey makes it more versatile than some of the brighter numbers, and there is still 25% off with the code 25grazia until midnight.

Mango - £79.99

Mango – £79.99

This Mango leopard offering is not dissimilar to my ASOS number. I love the way they have styled it – can’t you just imagine Kate Moss, rock chic extraordinaire, wearing this outfit? A classic leopard faux fur never goes out of style.

Topshop - £55.00

Topshop – £55.00

A friend has this cream teddy coat from Topshop and it looks fantastic. Perfect for channeling the 70s trend that is everywhere this season. It’s currently on sale too – what more could you ask?

H&M - £29.99

H&M – £29.99

H&M have gone in for fur in a big way this season – I love this two tone bomber.

If a jacket is too much for you, how about a gilet? This H&M grey number is really versatile.

H&M - £29.99

H&M – £29.99

Now, I love all the crazy colour and pattern combinations out there at the moment, but unlike the more classic coats above, these  probably are a one-season wonder. However, accessories are an affordable way to tap into the trend for a bit of festive fun.

New Look - £17.99

New Look – £17.99

I love this bright pink clutch from New Look – perfect for brightening up winter darks and channeling your inner fraggle!

Monki - £25

Monki – £25

Or how about this cute cross body bag by Monki? Camo and fur, two trends in one AND a versatile colour-palette!

ASOS - £30

ASOS – £30

I love this bold striped stole from ASOS. I have a gorgeous burgundy Helen Moore stole that my lovely husband bought me for my birthday last year which I will be digging out soon – it’s a great way to breathe new life into coats of old (not to mention cover up the fact you haven’t been arsed to get to the dry cleaner!)

ASOS - £9

ASOS – £9

I recently invested in a faux-fur headband. I suffer from terrible earache in the winter and can usually be found with a beanie tugged firmly down over my ears. However, this can look less than elegant in the evening so this was the perfect compromise. Who says I can’t do practical?

If you really can’t face full fur, the humble pom pom is your friend. You could get a keychain to hang on your handbag…

River Island - £6

River Island – £6

Or how about a pair on your shoes…?

Topshop - £28

Topshop – £28

So, have you been bitten by the faux fur bug yet? If so, what did you buy? Let me know in the usual way. I may have bought, ahem, one or two things in the course of putting together this post…. 10 points if you guess correctly!


No pain, no gain

It would be disingenuous of me to pretend these shoes are anything other than instruments of torture, designed to mutilate one’s feet, but they look awesome with this outfit so I am forced to commit the cardinal sin of coming to work in my running shoes and changing at my desk. Normally a practice reserved for heels, but it comes to something when your feet regard a 40min lunchtime run as a respite from pain.
20140318-185658.jpgAs you can see I have found a Breton. It’s not perfect, but if I was a stickler for perfection I’d never have married so I have had to compromise a little. In an ideal world the fabric would be just a little stiffer and the white a little whiter but hey, as I said on my wedding day, ‘it’ll do’.


Top – Espirit
Trousers – Fenn Wright Manson
Belt – H&M
Shoes – & Other Stories

So, what else have I been buying? Well, I also ordered the red version of this top but it is basically orange and cream so that is going back.

In the same order I picked up this dress, which I think is a keeper. The cut is quite masculine, which I like. There are no wanky, wannabe cowboy, pearlised popper buttons (dangerous for anyone over a B cup, I always feel) which have historically ruined many a denim dress for me. The length is decent without being indecent – i.e. exposes my knees but keeps an acre of cellulite under wraps. I just need to ponce around with some different belts to confirm, but my denim dress hunt could be over.
The last item I’ve ordered, which I’m very excited about, is this Paul and Joe Sister playsuit.
Reasons why this could be great:
It has rabbits on it.

Reasons why this could be terrible:
It’s a playsuit.

Time will tell. I will be sure to post a picture on here whatever the outcome. You can either celebrate with me or point and laugh. I know where I’d put my money…

P.S. I’m quite fond of my husband really and I rarely refer to him as ‘it’.

Something else I can’t get excited about…

Two reasons why I’m really not a proper fashion blogger:

– I’ve not yet been to J Crew, I may not even go until next week; and

– I didn’t even log on to the H&M website today.

I know, right? It’s blogging blasphemy, but I just can’t get excited about designer collaborations. It’s not that I don’t like Ms Marant – my pink scarf is absolutely gorgeous; and god knows I’ve put those wedge trainers on my Christmas wishlist more than once take the hint Mr TMT – but I can’t help thinking, in the style of Carrie Bradshaw, ‘are high street/designer collaborations all they’re cracked up to be?’.

The general consensus seems to be that when you buy from one of these collections you’re getting a designer piece at a high street price, but what if you’re just getting a low-end high street piece at a high-end hight street price? I got sucked in during the Marni x H&M furore and ordered a pair of silver sandals for £39.99. A fair enough price for leather, sure, but would I have ordered those same sandals at the same price if they’d just said plain old H&M on the label and come tied together with a piece of elastic, rather than in a funky semi-transparent green box? Probably not, is the honest answer – they give me blisters and cankles. I’m not sure which is worse.

I had a squiz at the collection when the images were released (well how could you not – if you’re on Instagram, Twitter or read any fashion related publication you probably felt like you were slapped in the face with it) and while I some of it, paying £200 for a H&M jacket isn’t something I’ll be doing soon, especially when Isabel Marant Etoile jackets start in the region of £280. I’d rather save a little longer and pay a little more for the real thing.

The gulf between designer and high street has narrowed considerably in recent years. Many designers have fantastic diffusion lines at accessible price points and stores like Whistles and Reiss bridge the gap beautifully, turning out sharp, modern, wearable collections that nod to trends without being as ostensibly ‘AW13’ as the catwalk collections. As a result, for me, ‘designer’ stuff doesn’t have quite the cachet it once did (bags and shoes excepted, natch). Personally, I’d rather spend my £200 on a well made jacket from Whistles.

I also can’t get hugely on board with the philosophy behind the collection – apparently Marant was tired of seeing mass produced, cheaper copies of her stuff churned out, so she thought she’d get a slice of the pie by churning out her own cheaper copies. Hmm. But isn’t £200 for a cotton jacket being a little bit grabby?

Well, apparently not – people will pay more, one is currently up to £427 on eBay as I type. Maybe she should have charged more?

Still each to their own, ‘buy what makes you happy’ has always been my philosophy, and those girls pouring out of the stores clutching their tie-dye totes certainly did look happy, so she’s doing something right, it’s just not for me!

P.S. Isabel, you do know I had a pair of wedge trainers in 1996, right? They were from Tammy Girl.

C150 – Day 43

Day 43



Top – H&M
Skirt – M&S
Shoes – Jemima Vine
Bracelet – McQ

Another ye olde item today. I was rooting around in a box of workwear I put away after I had my first child, when I found this skirt. I bought this 5 years ago, while I was killing time waiting for a friend. You can’t really see in the picture above, but it has PVC piping on it:

Quite a nice, low key way to do the PVC trend – I think a dress might be a bit Miss Whiplash for work…

C150 – Day 28 & 29

Day 28



T-shirt – American Vintage
Jeans – Paige c/o The Dressing Room
Sandals – Marni X H&M

Just a very casual outfit for a day with the kids involving a very futile search for a pair of work trousers (these have been sanctioned by the keeper of the purse as a necessary expense outside the ban). If anyone sees a slightly cropped, predominantly cotton, non-black pair please shout me!



Shirt – Uniqlo
Skirt – Vivienne Westwood Red Label
Shoes – Jemima Vine
Watch – Olivia Burton

I really like this outfit. Seeing it next to my more casual look, it makes me think that perhaps Mr TMT wasn’t just ‘being a man’ when he suggested I wore more form fitting clothes at the weekend!

C150 – Day 16 & 17

Forgive my absence, have been having minor personal dramas that have left me with no headspace to blog. Apols.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been wearing as the week from hell rumbles on:



Dress – Issa
Shoes – Boden



Jacket – H&M
Dress – Me&Em
Shoes – Boden (I quite like these shoes – can you tell?)

Back tomorrow with a bit more content and a little less whinging!

C150 – Day 3

Woo-hoo, 2% there. I only have to do this 50 times over and I’m sorted. Yes, the DTs have set in and I’m jonesing for some retail therapy. Eyes on the prize, Amber.

Anyway, at least I’ve had the saga of the world’s most famous baby to amuse me during my withdrawal, and today I’m wearing a bit of George in his honour. You’ll remember I snapped this skirt up after spotting it at the summer preview. I recently attended their A/W press day, which I need to blog over the weekend – there were some great pieces on show, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I’ve put it with this forest green twist-front tee from Jigsaw, which is one of my very favourites. The style is really flattering and I love the colour – it is surprisingly hard to find! The white version is currently on sale here, if you fancy one yourself. I have a M, and as I’m usually a small in most tees, I’d say it’s slightly smaller than average.



T-shirt – Jigsaw
Skirt – George
Shoes – H&M