Things what I bought in the sales

So January is FINALLY over, I’ve been paid (thank god) and I’m ready to embrace the new season. Sorry you’ve not seen much of me lately – I’ve come good on my New Year’s Resolution to do more exercise and have been out running pretty much every spare minute of my day.

So, what have a bought in the sales? Well beside a lot of neon running gear, which I’ll spare you the sight of, quite a bit actually…

You’ve seen these already, the Isabel Marant Bennett wedge high top:


These are already proving their worth and have been worn many times. They tick all the boxes for me. A good buy!

Zoe Karssen ‘Homme’ hoodie:

20140131-125104.jpgI’m wearing this as we speak. I picked it up half price in the Matches sale and I love it. So comfy while being fitted and still slightly edgy so I don’t feel like a total slob.

Hobbs Lulu dress:


I’d been stalking this dress for a while and when it dropped to £50 I bagged it. A great work basic.

Jewel of Liberty silk scarf:

20140131-125758.jpgSometimes an item just speaks to you. I spotted this scarf when I was mooching in Liberty just before Christmas and I just fell in love. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure, but I’ve never liked tea anyway. I got it at half price which I was very pleased about. I’ve worn it a few times air hostess style but I’m looking for inspiration to tie it in other ways if anyone has an idea!

Me&Em Ruched Cowl Neck Dress

Me&EmI have the short sleeved version of this dress in navy and it has been so useful that I couldn’t resist the forest green long-sleeved version. I’ve said it before but these dresses feel as close to wearing your pyjamas to work as possible – perhaps I shouldn’t be so pleased about that, but in my world comfort is king!

James Perse Tank Dress


I’ve shown you my James Perse dress before, but I am so pleased with this one, it really is a ‘take you anywhere’ dress with the right accessories – not bad for £50.

Dune Nins boots

Dune NiinsThese were a bit of an impulse buy while roaming the Selfridges sale. They have a very definite look of the Rag & Bone Newburys but were about a tenth of the price. I’m finding them very useful on evenings out when I want to look a bit glam but can’t face cold feet (i.e. 9 months of the year).

Comptoir des Cotonniers wedge boots


Irritatingly these boots are now cheaper than they were when I bought them, but I have had so much wear out of them I can’t begrudge £20. They are fabulously French chic and easy on the feet. What’s not to like?

Charles Phillip Slippers

CPSAnother buy you already know about, my fab tartan slippers. Impractical and a bit ridiculous, these make me happy every time I look at my feet!

Rich and Skinny jeans


These jeans were a lucky TK Maxx find. I always find my best buys in their clearance section which either means I have hideous taste and am hopelessly deluded or that the general public are less appreciative than I. I prefer the latter option. These may have knocked my Goldsign Virtuals off the top of my jeans hierarchy – they are so flattering. There were a few different Rich and Skinny styles in my local branch, so could be worth a look.

Dr Denim solitaire jeggings

Dr DenimI needed black jeans and I was all ready to spring for some premium denim but was struggling to find what I wanted. I know my favourites The Dressing Room stock this label, and Deryane the manager knows her stuff, so I thought I’d give the Solitaire jeggings a whirl. I’m really glad I did! When they arrived they were TINY. I genuinely didn’t think an actual human could wear them, but man, do they stretch. The rise on these is high, as in up to my navel, but I love that as there is zero danger of flashing my pants. They keep their shape remarkably well and for £30, I’m made up.


Happy New Year!

Hope you’ve had a slightly more auspicious start to the new year than I have. Let’s just say the January detox hasn’t quite got underway due to the consumption of a much needed restorative bacon sandwich. Last night Mr TMT and I ventured out on NYE for the first time in 5 years and ended up in a painfully trendy bar where the cocktails were served in the sort of flasks I used in physics experiments and everyone had a ‘directional’ haircut. It was good fun – the ‘ironic’ music they were playing could have come straight from my iPod – but my head is a little sore this morning.
Such an occasion necessitates a new dress, don’t you think, and as luck would have it I stumbled across one while doing the (third) round of the Selfridges sale. I bagged this James Perse tank dress for the knock down price of £50, reduced from £250.

20140101-122717.jpgIt doesn’t look that exciting but I’ve been looking like a dress like this for a couple of years. I had a fab maternity version from Isabella Oliver that I absolutely loved and have been looking for a non-maternity equivalent ever since. It will be really versatile as I can glam it up with heels and jewels for most evening occasions or sling it on with flip flops and a denim jacket in the summer. I wore it last night with a chunky chain collar necklace from Coast and a pair of metallic ankle boots that I bagged in the Dune sale. I didn’t feel too out of place among the hipsters, so it can’t have been too bad that or I’m delusional. Here is a very low quality drunken photo, featuring my husband’s thumb.

20140101-123403.jpgYou get the idea…

Back soon with my style resolutions and a round up of my sales purchases!

C150 – an apology

I know I’ve been beyond crap at posting my daily outfits. I sound like a broken record, but I have been so busy with work it has all fallen by the wayside a bit.

But I’m getting back on the wagon and starting afresh. I haven’t taken a photo every day over my week long blogging hiatus, but I haven’t repeated an outfit. You’ll just have to trust me on that. Here are a few photos from the last few days:

Day 34



Sweatshirt – James Perse
Jeans – J Brand
Shoes – Bloch via TK Maxx

I’m not usually a wearer of pale pink, but I’m reliably informed that it is the colour to be seen in this A/W. I can’t commit to a saccharine sweet cocoon coat, so my concession to the trend is to dig out these Blochs I’ve had for a couple of years but rarely wear. It actually makes a nice accent colour for grey and navy.

Day 35



Jumper – Gap
T – Shirt – Gap
Jeans – Uniqlo
Loafers – Topshop

One of the best things about doing this challenge is rediscovering forgotten favourites. I don’t know about you, but I tend to wear my new items on repeat until the next flavour of the month comes along. I’ve had these jeans for longer than I’ve been with my husband, and I still really like them!

Day 39



Jumper – Rag & Bone
Jeans – Gap
Boots – New Look

This outfit is composed entirely of ‘mistakes’. The jumper is £145 worth of viscose nightmare, it creases easily and snags on everything – not the great buy I had hoped it would be. The jeans are Gap sexy boyfriend and are just a size too big really so are rarely worn. The boots are fine, but tan really isn’t my colour. All together they don’t look too bad, but this look won’t make it into my C150 hall of fame!

Day 40



Top – Topshop
Jeans – Goldsign
Shoes – Topshop

I wasn’t sure about these ‘cold-shoulder’ style tops initially, but my husband really likes me to show off my shoulders so I thought I’d try one and it went down a storm. I don’t generally ‘dress to please my man’, but sometimes it’s nice to make an effort (especially when, like this, it basically takes no effort at all!)

Oh, and it’s Sunday, isn’t it? So I owe you a bag…20130901-194028.jpg
The Baylee is the newest bag from the Chloe stable which counts the Marcie, Paraty and Paddington among its success stories. I think they’ve scored another hit here too – how gorgeous does it look with this monochrome outfit!?

Sorry it’s taken me so long to catch up – I’ll be back with another outfit post tomorrow.

C150 – Day 18 – 21

Oops, I’m lagging a bit aren’t I? Let’s play catch up!

Day 18
20130813-201952.jpgThis Boden pocket Breton has had so much wear since I bought it – it goes with everything! I love it with my leopard loafers, spots and stripes are among my favourite pattern clashes!


Top – Boden
Jeans – Topshop Jamies
Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Day 19
20130813-202009.jpgI’m not sure my J Brand Earhart trousers are the most flattering in my wardrobe, but when you’ve known comfort like it you cannot turn your back. I wore this for a hungover trip to the dentist, so I needed cosseting!


Top – Uniqlo
Trousers – J Brand Earhart
Sandals – Sam Edelman

Day 20
20130813-202030.jpgI chanced upon these grey Goldsign Virtuals in the clearance section of the Harvey Nichols sale a couple of months back. I already have the mid blue and the indigo as you know from my repeated wears, so this was serendipity at play. I really like them with my bright pink boots!


T-Shirt – Mango
Jeans – Goldsign
Boots – Boden

Day 21
20130813-203812.jpgI wore this outfit for a trip to the zoo, hence the zebra shoes! I’m having a serious zebra love-in at the moment – had you noticed?


Top – James Perse
Jeans – Topshop Jamie
Shoes – Topshop
Scarf – Maje

Supermarket Sweet

Finally, a camera, and a person to take my photo with it. Unfortunately that person is my darling husband, and while his skills are rich and varied, they do not include photography. Look at the Testino-esque way he’s captured the full flabbiness of my thighs…



Jacket – Next
Sweatshirt – James Perse
Jeans – Goldsign Zebra Leggings
Shoes – Charles Philip Shanghai
Bag – Zatchels

I wore this outfit for a big Easter shop at Sainsburys, and my followers on Twitter (if you want to be one head to the left of the screen…) will have seen my tweet about the fab bargain I found there. I have been looking for a white broderie anglaise top since time immemorial but I usually find them too twee, too expensive or too polyester. But call off the dogs, the search is OVAH! I found my holy grail broderie top, and it cost me £13.50!


This is a snap of the mint version, because I love the colour (it doesn’t love me back, I look like I’m on the donor list for a liver) and of all the colours the detail shows best on the mint. The top is available in white, mint, lilac and black and usually costs £18, but TU is 25% off at the moment. I’m seriously thinking I’ll go back for the black, as that price for pure cotton is awesome. I love the scalloped detail at the bottom, and I think the addition of the pocket keeps it looking fresh and not too Little House on the Prairie.

And here I am wearing my white version:


I can’t wait to wear it with cropped jeans and neon sandals if this weather ever bloody cheers up!

Never say that this blog doesn’t offer something for a range of budgets – but they’re going fast, I got the last 8 at my local branch, and apart from one 10 there were only 16 and up in the white, and tediously I can’t find them on the website, so if you want one I suggest going sooner rather than later!

Car Booty

Well it’s dress down Friday chez Nectarine and I’m wearing an outfit comprised entirely of bargains! The t-shirt was a sample buy, and set me back about a tenner, I think. The jeans came from the £50 clearance rail at Donna Ida in Westfield and the trainers were box-fresh at my local car boot sale for a fiver! The belt came from Selfridges and was actually quite expensive, but I’ve had it since I was 15 so my mum bought it for me.

I should point out to my husband how incredibly cheap and low maintenance I am….

T-shirt – James Perse
Jeans – J Brand 910s
Trainers – Superga
Belt – Richard Gampel

P.S. Please excuse the little bottom sneaking into shot. And yes, she chose that dubious colour combo herself!

T-Shirts are like buses…

…you spend ages searching for the perfect one and two come along at once!

I ordered the Helmut t-shirt I was musing on here, and it dropped through the letterbox just as I was flapping about having nothing to wear for a night out, saving the day. It was perfectly slouchy and looked fab with my black leather skinnies and a black blazer.

Then today, on my weekly trawl though TK Maxx I came across this little beauty:

20130217-171613.jpgJames Perse sanded relaxed jersey pocket tee

Priced at £19.99, I couldn’t say no. They had lots of James Perse (and Vince) in my local branch (Wimbledon, for any SW Londoners), along with J Brand and MiH jeans. I can’t rate TK Maxx highly enough, I rarely come out without a bargain, but it does take patience! They also had the white version of this t-shirt, which I resisted, lest I need to add my collection to the home insurance, but it’s already a decision I’m regretting, so I think I’ll nip back tomorrow!

So, what did you buy this weekend?