Wednesday Want

I’m one of those irritatingly delicate little souls who can’t really wear high street jewellery, as it brings me out in a nasty rash if it isn’t plated with precious metal.

This leaves me with a bit of an issue finding attractive, affordable jewellery. I have posted on here about my Etsy finds, which have been brilliant, but as the sellers tend to be in far flung parts delivery times do tend to be loooooong, and I’m an instant gratification kinda gal!

So imagine my delight when I found lovely, affordable, precious metal played jewellery that would arrive within a couple of days!

Step forward Lily King and take a bow. A lovely site, full of beautiful pieces. I ordered this Gold Coin necklace on Sunday, while half-supervising the kids at the seventh level of soft play, and it arrived (beautifully packaged) yesterday.

20130327-134138.jpgI am really pleased with it – pretty and delicate, perfect for layering with other necklaces or wearing alone.

So on to my Wednesday want; after the success of my last order I’m now lusting after this Silver Wishbone necklace:

20130327-134403.jpgHow pretty? The perfect pre-payday pick-me-up!

And even better, there’s free shipping on orders over £20 with the code FREESHIP. Well, what are you waiting for?


Purchase Alert!

How cute is this little necklace I’ve just ordered from Bea’s Jewels on Etsy?

20130323-131445.jpgI was so impressed with my rose gold heart from the same seller, I had to go back for more!

20130323-131607.jpgWill report back, but if this is as good as the first necklace, I won’t be disappointed.

Wednesday Want

Not so much of a ‘want’ as a ‘just ordered’, but I love these earrings so much I just have to blog about them!

20130313-204956.jpgThey are by MariaFrancescaPepe at My-Wardrobe, and I think they’re fab! I don’t wear a lot of jewellery – the odd bracelet, but rarely earrings; they’re usually too statement-y or too classic. This particular pair are great because they walk the line between statement and classic with ease; edgy enough to be interesting, but not so outré I couldn’t wear them to work. Here’s a side view:

20130313-205338.jpgAnd at £25, they’re a great price too! Expect to see them featuring in an outfit post very soon, and if you like these, check out the rest of the collection here.

Wednesday Want

As you might have noticed, I often layer my watch and various bracelets on one wrist, leaving the other one feeling a little bare. I’ve been looking for something to redress the balance, and this gorgeous Africa rose-gold plated cuff by Philippe Audibert, £80, is just the ticket:20130220-091450.jpgA lot of Audibert’s designs are far more detailed and intricate than this particular piece, but I think the chic simplicity of it makes it all the more striking. I’m having surgery on my right hand soon, so really I need to buy it to detract from those ugly stitches, right?


P.S. apologies for the technical issue with a previous post – my fat fingers hit post when they shouldn’t have… #luddite