Should I change the name of my blog…?

Well, I’m officially 30. How did that happen?

I haven’t decided whether or not to change the name of the blog – I don’t have to decide¬†right now, do I?

Anyway, it’s been a wonderful week of catching up with friends and family, spending time with my kids and a lovely night away with Mr TMT. I couldn’t have asked for more! My very lovely husband also spoiled me rotten and I am now the very proud owner of…

Valentino Rockstud Cross-body bag

Valentino Rockstud Cross-body bag

Although one of the studs has already fallen off, grr, so back it goes for a replacement!

Jimmy Choo Agnes suede pumps

Jimmy Choo Agnes suede pumps


Helmut Lang stretch leather leggings

Helmut Lang stretch leather leggings

I know, I’m very lucky. You can expect to see a lot of these new additions over the new few months, especially the leggings – I haven’t taken them off!


Merry Christmas!

Season’s greetings to all my fabulous readers – hope all your wishes come true today; mine sure did…

20131225-101843.jpgWell, I have been good this year… Nice work, Santa!

Do it like a dude

While I was in hospital, I suffered a terrible loss. You see, my husband was in charge of the washing machine and I arrived my favourite navy merino sweater would now struggle to fit my three year old son. Bless him, he tried (and it could have been worse, at least it wasn’t cashmere).

Anyway, in the spirit of treating every problem as an opportunity, I went shopping for a replacement. My original was from Gap, but was bought with a code and I baulk at paying full price for anything from Gap – I mean, why would you? I found myself looking at the selection in Uniqlo, but for some reason, a ladies crew neck jumper in there looks like this:

20131016-211630.jpgErm, no. That ain’t a crew neck, that there’s a scoop neck. However, on inspection of the mens’ section, I struck knitwear gold! A proper crew neck and soft merino in a deep shade of navy for ¬£19.90? Don’t mind if I do. The XS is a nice fit – perfect shoulder width with a little slouch.



Jumper – Uniqlo
Skirt – Baukjen
Shoes – Jimmy Choo
Necklace – Alex Monroe

So, what do you buy from the mens’ section/nick from your other half’s wardrobe?

C150 – Day 30 & 31

So I’ve officially made it a month. Just under four to go, and actually, the last month has flown by, so hopefully the next four will do the same and I’ll find myself standing in the Harvey Nichols accessories hall in the blink of an eye!

Day 30
I know navy and black can be a contentious colour combo but I really love it. I planned this outfit around my Jimmy Choos, which I am still besotted with (though they could do with a stroke of the suede brush)!


Top – Me&Em
Trousers – Gerard Darel
Shoes – Jimmy Choo
Watch – Olivia Burton
Bracelet – Chan Luu

Day 31

20130822-195810.jpgAnother of my favourites here. My lovely husband bought me this beauty of a skirt for Christmas and I’ve not really worn it over the summer, given its slightly dark and moody nature, but I’m very glad to be bringing it out as the seasons change.


Top – Majestic
Skirt – McQ
Shoes – Michael Kors
Watch – Olivia Burton

Better photo:

P.S. apologies for skanky mirror

C150 – Day 18 – 21

Oops, I’m lagging a bit aren’t I? Let’s play catch up!

Day 18
20130813-201952.jpgThis Boden pocket Breton has had so much wear since I bought it – it goes with everything! I love it with my leopard loafers, spots and stripes are among my favourite pattern clashes!


Top – Boden
Jeans – Topshop Jamies
Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Day 19
20130813-202009.jpgI’m not sure my J Brand Earhart trousers are the most flattering in my wardrobe, but when you’ve known comfort like it you cannot turn your back. I wore this for a hungover trip to the dentist, so I needed cosseting!


Top – Uniqlo
Trousers – J Brand Earhart
Sandals – Sam Edelman

Day 20
20130813-202030.jpgI chanced upon these grey Goldsign Virtuals in the clearance section of the Harvey Nichols sale a couple of months back. I already have the mid blue and the indigo as you know from my repeated wears, so this was serendipity at play. I really like them with my bright pink boots!


T-Shirt – Mango
Jeans – Goldsign
Boots – Boden

Day 21
20130813-203812.jpgI wore this outfit for a trip to the zoo, hence the zebra shoes! I’m having a serious zebra love-in at the moment – had you noticed?


Top – James Perse
Jeans – Topshop Jamie
Shoes – Topshop
Scarf – Maje

C150 – Day 9

I picked up this stripy jacket in the Next sale a few weeks ago and this was its first outing. It’s more of a glorified cardigan than a jacket, as it’s quite lightweight, so it was the perfect cover up for this warm but changeable weather.

The stripes are quite bold, so I’ve tried to keep it simple with a grey tee and navy chinos, but couldn’t resist adding a bit of sass with the neon necklace and leopard loafers! I’d better like this outfit, as I had my photo taken for my work security pass today, and the ugly magenta M&S jumper I wore in the last one has plagued me for 6 years!



Jacket – Next
Necklace – Next
T-Shirt – Banana Republic
Chinos – Uniqlo
Shoes – Jimmy Choo

Sales Haul – Part Four

You thought it was over, didn’t you? Not by a long chalk matey!


I ordered this little bad boy a couple of weeks, but for a host of reasons I literally haven’t been home to have it delivered. Today I finally synchronised with Mr DHL, and here’s my new baby…

I’ve wanted a Jimmy Choo candy clutch ever since I saw Alex of The Frugality wearing one on her blog. However I couldn’t justify another glittery clutch at the time as I had recently acquired this Anya Hindmarch Valorie which pretty much covered that base. However, when I spotted this zebra version (a collaboration with U.S. artist Rob Pruitt) at 70% off, how could I resist? When it arrived enshrined in a pretty pink box and dust bag, I pretty much died of joy. It’s just as lovely as I’d hoped and will glam up a black evening dress a treat!

So that’s a zebra shirt and a zebra bag I’ve acquired this sales period. Surely that’s me done for all things zebrine (yes, that’s a word), right? Erm, well no actually, I do have a couple more sales bits to show you, and one of them might be of the black and white striped persuasion. I won’t wear them all at once, promise!