C150 – Day 22 – 27

Heartfelt apologies, dear readers, for my lack of commitment. I have had a crazy couple of weeks, but I think I’ve got my shit together now. We’ll see. Anyway, you don’t want to hear about all that bobbins, you want to know what I’ve been wearing!

Day 22



Top – DVF
Trousers – Gap
Shoes – Michael Kors

This top was a sample sale bargain and I just love it. I don’t wear it often enough really – must make more effort to give it the airing it deserves. The shoes are Michael Kors ‘Flex’ pumps and are just the comfiest ever. They pop up every season in different colours and frequently appear on the Outnet at great prices – highly recommend them!

Day 23



Shirt – Equipment
Skirt – Gerard Darel
Shoes – Boden

You remember the saga of this shirt, don’t you? Well worth a very painful trip to acquire it with my newly operated on hand (you can expect the return of the grubby bandage soon as it needs redoing), as it makes me smile every time I catch sight of it!

Day 24



Dress – LK Bennett
Shoes – Vince Camuto

A rare glimpse of business-appropriate Amber here – I very rarely do the ‘corporate’ thing, but I had a meeting where I needed to make an impact today, so it was required. I spent the whole day feeling like I was playing dress up, but the meeting had exactly the desired outcome, so it was worth it!

Day 25



Scarf – Becksondergaard
T-shirt – Uniqlo
Jeans – Goldsign
Boots – Ash
Watch – Olivia Burton

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice a couple of new acquisitions here! More on those in a separate post, but I promise I haven’t broken the terms of my ban.

Day 26



T-shirt – Gap
Jeans – Goldsign
Boots – Ash
Watch – Olivia Burton

Variations on a theme here – I’ve fallen back in love with my Ash Jalouse during the slightly cooler weather. They are so comfy and have that casual-cool thing going on. Another highly recommended footwear purchase if you’re in the market.

Day 27



Shirt – Uniqlo
Jeans – J Brand
Boots – Boden
Watch – Olivia Burton

This was probably my favourite outfit of the week. I love a flannel shirt and this monochrome check one looks fab with my precious pink boots!

Back later with today’s outfit, and that handbag post I owe you…


C150 – Day 2

So, Day One passed without incident, but then even I would hope I’d make it one day.

Do you ever think about ‘the one that got away’? Just to be straight here, I’m talking about dresses, not blokes. Most of those were instantly forgettable, and if I remember them, it’s usually for the wrong reasons. Anyway, I digress.

This dress was, for a time, that one that got away. I first spotted it on a trip to Bicester just before my daughter was born, two years ago. When I say ‘just’, I really do mean it; I was three days away from my due date. At one point I started having painful Braxton Hicks in Petit Bateau, and my mum started hyperventilating at the prospect of delivering a baby at an outlet centre. To be honest, it could have been a good thing, depending on their gift hamper policy. Anyway, her luck was in and I had another week to wait, so we popped into LK Bennett, where I spotted (bah-dum-tish) this lovely midnight blue, leopard print wrap dress. Problem was, they only had it in a size 8, and at the time I was approximately size whale, so I regretfully left it there and bought an ugly, green North Face cagoule instead (hormones).

A year later, I was trying to find a dress for a couple of weddings, and I thought to myself ‘wouldn’t it be nice if I had that blue leopard print dress?’. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, a few clicks on Ebay and one was winging it’s way to me for a very reasonable £30, and as I was now more size porpoise than size whale, the 8 fitted a dream. I do love a happy ending.

So, after quite a big build up (sorry, I’m bored on my commute) here is said dress:

It really is a lovely fit and, I think, rather flattering. Unlike a lot of wrap dresses, it doesn’t make me look like a busty barmaid, and there is enough of a ‘wrap’ that I don’t flash my thighs to all and sundry. Yes, I’m one satisfied customer.


Dress – LKB via EBay
Shoes – Russell & Bromley
Necklace – Next

How to age 10 years in a week….

Step 1. Have a child, and allow it to prevent you from having more than 4 hours sleep a night for 20 months (ok may take longer than a week)

Step 2. Send child to nursery where it will get a nasty virus.

Step 3. Stay up most of the night, every night for a week dealing with said child and sibling.

Step 4. Catch virus.

Step 5. Schedule driving test for 8am.

Step 6. Do not sleep at all.

Step 7. Fail driving test.

Yes, safe to say it’s not been the best of weeks, which is apparent even in the Lo-Def image quality of my iPhone pic, but hey I’d lose a bit of integrity if I only posted photos of me at my best though maybe putting on a bit of slap wouldn’t have killed me. I have, however, lost 5lbs, so the old adage about clouds and linings holds.

Dress – LK Bennett
Tights – Falke
Shoes – R&B

Wednesday Want

How gorgeous is the new collection from LK Bennett in collaboration with Caroline Issa, inspired by her travels in Thailand?

I would cheerfully take pretty much the whole lot, but if I had to pick one it would be the Jasmine court.

20130213-111121.jpgA sensible enough heel to wear to work all day, these also would look fierce with leather leggings and a neon orange tee I picked up in Cos last year for a night on the tiles.

Lust over the full collection here.