C150 – Day 30 & 31

So I’ve officially made it a month. Just under four to go, and actually, the last month has flown by, so hopefully the next four will do the same and I’ll find myself standing in the Harvey Nichols accessories hall in the blink of an eye!

Day 30
I know navy and black can be a contentious colour combo but I really love it. I planned this outfit around my Jimmy Choos, which I am still besotted with (though they could do with a stroke of the suede brush)!


Top – Me&Em
Trousers – Gerard Darel
Shoes – Jimmy Choo
Watch – Olivia Burton
Bracelet – Chan Luu

Day 31

20130822-195810.jpgAnother of my favourites here. My lovely husband bought me this beauty of a skirt for Christmas and I’ve not really worn it over the summer, given its slightly dark and moody nature, but I’m very glad to be bringing it out as the seasons change.


Top – Majestic
Skirt – McQ
Shoes – Michael Kors
Watch – Olivia Burton

Better photo:

P.S. apologies for skanky mirror


C150 – Day 13

Forgive me dear reader, for I have sinned. I have broken my ban, by buying a BNWT Boden bikini at my local car boot sale. It cost £3. I’ve given myself forty lashes and a stern talking to. To commit this indiscretion I wore a 90s inspired outfit of white tee, denim mini and desert boots. Some may say I committed more than one crime today…



T-shirt – Uniqlo
Skirt – Kew
Boots – Boden
Bracelet – McQ

C150 – Day 7

I should probably start by apologising for the Fitflops… But do you know what, I’m not gonna. I suffer from arthritis in my knees, and some days they can be very uncomfortable. Today I’m feeling creaky and a bit sore, so I’ve wheeled out my Fitflops, the only footwear which helps with the discomfort. No, they’re not chic or sexy, but neither is hobbling, and if Phoebe Philo can send furry pool slides down the runway at Celine, then I can wear these!



Dress – Primark
Shoes – Fitflops
Wrap Bracelet – McQ

Urban Jungle

You know by now that I like a statement skirt, and it doesn’t get much more statement-y than this little bad boy:

I like this skirt because, essentially, I am a lazy dresser. Bold pattern with jewel embellishment? Stick on a black tee and a pair of kitten heels and I’m sorted. Easy. Life. It’s also 100% cotton, including the lining, which is nice in this balmy weather – nothing worse than polyester wrapping itself ’round your thighs while sweating on the tube.

It’s also now on sale here for a very reasonable £25. Can’t say fairer than that…


T-shirt – Uniqlo
Skirt – Next (c/o)
Shoes – Vince Camuto via TK Maxx
Bracelet – McQ

Practicing what I preach

After Monday’s Lust List, I thought I’d show you that I really am evangelical about Me&Em.

Here I am in my navy capped sleeve ruched dress, now reduced to £59! Grab one before they go!



Dress – Me&Em
Necklace – Next
Bracelet – McQ
Shoes – Boden
Grubby bandage – Kingston Hospital

P.S. Yes, it hurt to take this photo.
P.P.S. No, I don’t know what my hair is doing.

Wednesday Want

I’m a big fan of the statement skirt. More versatile than a bold dress and more forgiving than printed or patterned trousers, I love my McQ Hummingbird skirt, which you can see here.

And they’ve done it again; drawing on nature to create some beautiful patterns. I’m totally torn between this lightening print:

20130417-100917.jpgAnd this mineral print:

It’ll probably come down to whichever I can find the best discount on come sales time for me. Which would you pick?

Why do hummingbirds hum?

Because they don’t know the words! (Sorry).

I’m neither looking nor feeling my best today after a very disturbed night with the children. However, I can always rely on this McQ skirt to cheer me up! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, but showed unusual restraint, sending a link to my husband when it finally went into the sale a few days before my birthday. Luckily he took the hint!20130220-141733.jpgThe skirt is still available in a M here, though I should warn you it comes up a little large. I got the S and it is slightly loose on the waist. And if you need any more convincing, here is a picture showing all the beautiful detail: