Wednesday Want – Double I-shoe

Two Wednesday Wants for you today, and both of the footwear persuasion. I’ve been focussing on bags for a while but now shoes are starting to creep back into my consciousness, and I’m really lusting after these gorgeous slippers from Charles Philip Shanghai:

20130306-114918.jpgThis brand first came to my attention last year when it was first stocked on NaP, and I love the beautiful print and vibrant colour on this pair. A slightly more interesting alternative to ballet flats, they will look great with boyfriend jeans.

On the workwear front I have become obsessed with this lovely pair of cobalt courts from Russell and Bromley.


I have never found a more comfortable pair of heels than at R&B (don’t believe the lies about Louboutins, they are beautiful, but will destroy your feet as easily as a £20 pair from New Look), so I know these will be great for work. I think they will look lovely with a simple black shift or printed trousers.


How to age 10 years in a week….

Step 1. Have a child, and allow it to prevent you from having more than 4 hours sleep a night for 20 months (ok may take longer than a week)

Step 2. Send child to nursery where it will get a nasty virus.

Step 3. Stay up most of the night, every night for a week dealing with said child and sibling.

Step 4. Catch virus.

Step 5. Schedule driving test for 8am.

Step 6. Do not sleep at all.

Step 7. Fail driving test.

Yes, safe to say it’s not been the best of weeks, which is apparent even in the Lo-Def image quality of my iPhone pic, but hey I’d lose a bit of integrity if I only posted photos of me at my best though maybe putting on a bit of slap wouldn’t have killed me. I have, however, lost 5lbs, so the old adage about clouds and linings holds.

Dress – LK Bennett
Tights – Falke
Shoes – R&B

The undead walk among us… and they’re carrying Barbie’s handbag

Between them my children conspired to have me up no less than 8 times in the night, on top of a nasty cold I’ve been incubating, so please excuse the ghostly pallor.

Jacket – H&M (about 3 years old)
Dress – Me&Em
Tights (in case anyone cares) – Falke
Shoes – Russell & Bromley
Belt – H&M (black version here)

To cheer myself up, I’m carrying this Raoul saddle bag, which was my object of lust last summer, and never fails to brighten my day: