C150 – Day 15

A late one from me today; work schedule would not allow me to nip to loo for a photo. I would have preferred to have done it looking slightly less dishevelled, but such is life!

This shirt and trousers were part of a big buy-up I did at Gerard Darel at Bicester last summer before I returned from maternity leave, and they have proved great value. I really like Gerard Darel, the quality and cut of the clothes is really excellent. I do worry, though, that a white shirt and black trousers can leave one looking like a waitress, so I’ve jazzed it up with some camo heels (£7.99 in the Zara sale a few weeks back) and a neon bracelet.

20130806-200725.jpgAnd a shoe close up…



Shirt – Gerard Darel
Trousers – Gerard Darel
Shoes – Zara
Bracelet – Boden


In The Pink

Due to a massive fail to take a photo today, here’s what I wore to work yesterday:
20130502-172353.jpgI love the bold combination of cobalt blue and neon pink together, so I used those two colours as my focal points against a simple palette of monochrome. Nah, I didn’t really – I just grabbed a few things out of my wardrobe at random and the net result was the happy accident of a half-decent outfit! The earrings are new, and I’m still in that silly, excitable phase where I want to wear them every day, so expect to see them repeatedly for a couple of weeks.

Blazer – Zara
Dress – Me&Em
Shoes – Charles Philip Shanghai
Earrings – Kate Spade
Bag – Raoul

Date Night Dressing

So this evening my lovely parents took the nippers off our hands for a bit so we could have an early dinner. Mr TMT works very, very long hours and some weeks we only really communicate by email/text, in spite of living and working together. This has been one of those weeks so it was extremely nice to snatch a bit of time together. Accordingly I thought I’d make a bit of an effort, so I changed out of my damp jeans (flares on a rainy day not the best idea, appaz), and into this ensemble:

Dress – H&M
Blazer – Zara
Boots – Acne
Necklace – Etsy
Ring – Saint Laurent

Right, off to start drinking!

My Basics – part 3

As you’ve probably gathered by now, my off-duty look is very casual. I have to be smart and tailored at work, which isn’t really my natural state of being, so I like to embrace my true style on my days out of the office. If there is one category in my wardrobe I really couldn’t live without, it’s the sweatshirt

Be they graphic, embellished or plain old grey marl, I just cannot get enough. And as luck would have it, for me anyway, my old faithfuls are enjoying a bit of a renaissance at present.

So, without further ado, let me present a rundown of my top 10. It’s like Top of the Pops, only with less Jayne Middlemiss…

In at 10 we have this Vero Moda Letter A Sweat, £22. I must admit to buying this one, but hey – leopard print, grey marl and my initial? Would have been rude not to… 


At 9 we have a bit of 80s nostalgia in the shape of this BOY London Eagle Sweatshirt, £55. I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while, but am wondering if I’m cool enough to pull it off. The old adage about remembering it the first time around springs to mind…


At number 8, this Zara Baroque print sweater, £25.99. The elaborate silver design looks so opulent, and I love the simplicity of the styling. A sweatshirt like this doesn’t need anything more than a pair of white jeans.

Topshop Clean Neoprene Sweat

In at 7 we have this Topshop clean neoprene sweatshirt, £32. Now this to me has Celine written all over it. Minimal and futuristic, perfect for S/S 2013. I’m seeing it with a black jersey pencil skirt and flat silver sandals.

H&M Sweatshirt 

I’ve always said I wanted to cater for a range of budgets, so at number 6 we have a fantastic value offering from H&M. Can you believe this one is just £3.99? I think I might buy one, get handy with a few rhinestones and add an embellished neckline!   

Tibi Star-Print Sweatshirt

Number 5 brings us this gorgeous Tibi Star Print Sweatshirt, £134. An alternative to my lobster version the starfish design adds a bit of interest to a plain grey sweat.

Whistles Taylor Animal Print Sweat

Another recent purchase of mine at number 4, the Whistles Taylor Animal Print Sweatshirt, £65. I like the abstract print and the combination of black and navy. I’ll be wearing it with cropped jeans and neon orange sandals.

Topshop Embroided Tiger Knit Sweat


Number 3 has my name written all over it. I have been smitten with Tiger sweatshirts even since last season’s Kenzo. I made it onto the waitlist for this years version, but sadly it sold out before reaching me. This Topshop Embroidered Tiger Sweat, £45, could be a really good substitute though!

Mango Snake Print Jersey

 Oh number two, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… This snake print jumper is so great it had me emailing customer services the second I saw the lookbook. It has finally popped up on the website, and the only question for me now is how many animal print sweatshirt is too many?

Zoe Karssen Born Wild Sweatshirt

And finally, at the top of the chart is this fabulous Zoe Karssen sweatshirt. I love their clothing, it is edgy, well made and a joy to wear. I can’t wait to style this one with leather leggings and wedge trainers.

So, what do you think of the sweatshirt trend? Lazy loungewear or casual cool? Do let me know…