High Street and High End

I like the concept of ‘high-low’ dressing, where designer and high street come together. I think that wearing head to toe designer can be vulgar and denote lack of imagination (think WAG). When I think of my personal style heroes, they usually champion clothes from all ends of the spectrum.

For example Kristen Stewart; as likely to be found in Converse and a vest as that fresh-off-the-catwalk Louis Vuitton playsuit or next season’s Balenciaga. She is so casually beautiful, and never looks trussed up and uncomfortable, tottering in shoes better suited to a dancer at Spearmint Rhino. Another celebrity whose style I admire is Rihanna, who will wear an American Apparel dress with her Chanel bag or a New Look top with her Manolos. I love the witty irreverence in the way she dresses, so I’m looking forward to checking out her collection for River Island.

I think that this is a clever psychological tactic in terms of remaining approachable to their fans too. By wearing a £20 New Look top, Rihanna keeps her look attainable to her fans. Compare that to, say, Victoria Beckham. While she has morphed into a rather elegant woman, by always dressing in her own label dresses and carrying £8,000 totes she puts up an invisible barrier between her and the general populace. Not so important now she is a serious fashionista, but I remember how thrilled I was to have the same Jane Norman top she wore in the ‘2 Become 1’ video when I was 12. I felt a little closer to one of my heroes. Worth remembering pop stars!

Anyway, here I am in my own ‘high-low’ ensemble. My lovely friend Lucy at Suburban Style tipped me off about this dress, and can be seen looking lovely in it herself here. I don’t shop much in Primark, apart from the odd mercy dash when the washing machine has eaten all my socks, or my little boy needs new PJs (he loves their brushed cotton ones), so I wouldn’t have found it otherwise, but I’m glad I did as it has really surpassed my expectations. The fabric is a great weight and very flattering to any lumps and bumps (not that I have any, natch), and it is washing and wearing well so far. For £16 I can’t complain!

20130312-101635.jpgAnd here I am with the addition of my latest buy, this lovely Chan Luu scarf (which I can’t link now as NaP is broken, but I will do later!)

Dress – Primark
Tights – Falke
Shoes – Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100
Scarf – Chan Luu
Bracelet – Chan Luu


2 thoughts on “High Street and High End

  1. It’s very true what you say – when the labels are too expensive – every thing seems that little more unobtainable. I like the way Kate Bosworth mixes up her Isabel Marant and then slips on some Topshop sandals – just make the look that little more achievable. And the same goes for blogs. I like looks which I stand half a chance of replicating and every now and then actually buying!

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