C150 – Day 30 & 31

So I’ve officially made it a month. Just under four to go, and actually, the last month has flown by, so hopefully the next four will do the same and I’ll find myself standing in the Harvey Nichols accessories hall in the blink of an eye!

Day 30
I know navy and black can be a contentious colour combo but I really love it. I planned this outfit around my Jimmy Choos, which I am still besotted with (though they could do with a stroke of the suede brush)!


Top – Me&Em
Trousers – Gerard Darel
Shoes – Jimmy Choo
Watch – Olivia Burton
Bracelet – Chan Luu

Day 31

20130822-195810.jpgAnother of my favourites here. My lovely husband bought me this beauty of a skirt for Christmas and I’ve not really worn it over the summer, given its slightly dark and moody nature, but I’m very glad to be bringing it out as the seasons change.


Top – Majestic
Skirt – McQ
Shoes – Michael Kors
Watch – Olivia Burton

Better photo:

P.S. apologies for skanky mirror


Holiday Capsule Wardrobe – Day 3 & 4

Day 3



Vest – Helmut Lang via the Outnet
Jeans – Goldsign high-rise Virtual in Owena
Trainers – Converse
Scarf – Chan Luu at Net a Porter
Bracelet – Chan Luu via the Outnet

Bit of a random outfit, this one. I was wearing the jersey cardigan but got so hot from cycling and swimming I took it off but inexplicably left the scarf!

Day 4



Shirt – Gap
Top – American Vintage
Track Pants – Zoe Karssen at the Outnet
Trainers – Converse
Ring – Saint Laurent
Bracelet – Chan Luu via the Outnet

Here I reused the shirt from Day 2 and the track pants from Day 1, mixing in a white long sleeved tee. I’ve not worn this combo before, and I actually really like it! Back tomorrow with the final day of the Holiday Wardrobe experiment where things didn’t quite go to plan…

Holiday Capsule Wardrobe – Day 1



Cardigan – Demylee at Matches
T-shirt – American Vintage
Vest – H&M
Track pants – Zoe Karssen via the Outnet
Trainers – Converse
Scarf – Chan Luu
Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs via the Outnet

So, here we are, day one of my little wardrobe challenge. Excuse the general dishevellement of hair and lack of make-up; I have spent the morning frantically hunting for various specific pairs of Spiderman pants, shouting at a bewildered husband and explaining to a three-year old why, actually, bringing a 3ft car transporter lorry on a long car journey isn’t a good idea!

Cozy Up

Today was a crappy day. My kids fought constantly, I got completely drenched and I went on a two hour round trip for an appointment which had been cancelled without anyone thinking to notify me. All in all, it was poor.

However, at least I was comfortably dressed. I have had this DKNY Cozy lurking in my wardrobe being ignored for some time. I bought in that incredibly vulnerable period a few weeks post partum (where your sense of style has temporarily exited with the placenta), seduced by this kind of carry on. It soon became apparent to me that you can not wear the Cozy in 59 different ways unless you have the figure of an underage ballerina, thus it was consigned to the mistakes pile and no more was said about the whole sorry business. However, it did cost me quite a lot of money, so today I granted it a reprieve and wore it in the only style which I find works; corners tied and twisted to form a cowl neck. It was actually very easy to wear and (dare I say it?) cosy, worn over a long line vest and leggings for a day of running around. Ok, so it’s neer going to be my number one favourite item of clothing, but it’s definitely getting elevated to the illustrious status of ‘Loungewear’.

Cardigan – DKNY Cozy
Vest – Helmut Lang
Ponte Leggings – Topshop
High Tops – Converse
Bracelet – Chan Luu
Nails – Mavala Deep Blue

Straight to the point

I’m experimenting with all my old jeans this weekend. Today a pair of Uniqlo straight legs that pre date my children, these hold a special place in my heart as they were the first pair of ‘normal’ jeans I managed to squeeze back into after I had my little boy. Naturally this means they are a bit roomy, so I’ve rolled them up and made them into DIY boyfriends.

I’m wearing them with a simple micro-stripe top, tan suede ankle boots, a leather biker and bright accessories.

Jeans – Uniqlo
Top – Chinti & Parker
Boots – New Look
Jacket – Oasis
Scarf – Chan Luu
Bracelet – Chan Luu
Ring – Saint Laurent

High Street and High End

I like the concept of ‘high-low’ dressing, where designer and high street come together. I think that wearing head to toe designer can be vulgar and denote lack of imagination (think WAG). When I think of my personal style heroes, they usually champion clothes from all ends of the spectrum.

For example Kristen Stewart; as likely to be found in Converse and a vest as that fresh-off-the-catwalk Louis Vuitton playsuit or next season’s Balenciaga. She is so casually beautiful, and never looks trussed up and uncomfortable, tottering in shoes better suited to a dancer at Spearmint Rhino. Another celebrity whose style I admire is Rihanna, who will wear an American Apparel dress with her Chanel bag or a New Look top with her Manolos. I love the witty irreverence in the way she dresses, so I’m looking forward to checking out her collection for River Island.

I think that this is a clever psychological tactic in terms of remaining approachable to their fans too. By wearing a £20 New Look top, Rihanna keeps her look attainable to her fans. Compare that to, say, Victoria Beckham. While she has morphed into a rather elegant woman, by always dressing in her own label dresses and carrying £8,000 totes she puts up an invisible barrier between her and the general populace. Not so important now she is a serious fashionista, but I remember how thrilled I was to have the same Jane Norman top she wore in the ‘2 Become 1’ video when I was 12. I felt a little closer to one of my heroes. Worth remembering pop stars!

Anyway, here I am in my own ‘high-low’ ensemble. My lovely friend Lucy at Suburban Style tipped me off about this dress, and can be seen looking lovely in it herself here. I don’t shop much in Primark, apart from the odd mercy dash when the washing machine has eaten all my socks, or my little boy needs new PJs (he loves their brushed cotton ones), so I wouldn’t have found it otherwise, but I’m glad I did as it has really surpassed my expectations. The fabric is a great weight and very flattering to any lumps and bumps (not that I have any, natch), and it is washing and wearing well so far. For £16 I can’t complain!

20130312-101635.jpgAnd here I am with the addition of my latest buy, this lovely Chan Luu scarf (which I can’t link now as NaP is broken, but I will do later!)

Dress – Primark
Tights – Falke
Shoes – Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100
Scarf – Chan Luu
Bracelet – Chan Luu

Moody Sunday

A full length shot, hurray. I promise a decent camera (and ideally someone to snap me with it) is on my shopping list.

Apologies for the full on VB miserable face, but I just look like a goon when I smile (maybe that’s why she does it…)


Tiger jumper – Sandro (last season)
Jeans – Goldsign high rise Virtual (I do own other jeans, honest!)
Boots – New Look (but in the right light they pass for Marant Dickers)
Bracelet – Chan Luu