Not another pair of new shoes…

Well, yes Mr TMT, it is indeed a new pair of shoes, but not just any pair of shoes… You last saw them featured here, and not one for self-denial, I ordered them on Thursday. Some excellent customer service ensued, and at 7.45 on Friday morning they were in my hot little hands. And today they get their debut:


I think neon is a natural partner for python, so I wore my fabulous Gap parka with them. I kept the rest of the outfit simple with a grey cashmere jumper and indigo skinnies.

Parka – Gap
Jumper – Uniqlo
T-shirt – Helmut
Jeans – Nudie High Kai
Shoes – Jemima Vine

After my success at Sainsburys last week, I thought I’d check out what Tesco had to offer on my weekly shop this week. I know some people can be a bit snobby about supermarket clothing brands, but I think the truly stylish never rule out a brand. You never know what hidden gem you might find… With two toddlers in tow I didn’t have long to browse, but I did try on this boucle-style jacket:


I really like this jacket, though it’s really more of a cardigan due to the weight. The mix of grey/black/white makes it really versatile, and I think I could wear it as easily with a black dress for work as with a tee and skinnies. I didn’t end up buying it as I got distracted by WW3 erupting in the trolley, but I’m now thinking I may order it online. While I was browsing the website I also noticed this little gem:

Boucle Biker Jacket - £28

Boucle Biker Jacket – £28

It’s a biker, boucle and cobalt. Possibly my ideal combination of features in a jacket! And for £28, worth a try?

So, how did everyone else enjoy the slightly improved weather today? I give it three more degrees before we’re all out panic buying shorts…


Yee Haw!

Well, I totally failed to post that pic before I got legless, and indeed I got so legless not only did I fail to get the shot anyway, but I totally incapacitated myself yesterday. Ah well, I will recreate the outfit at some point over the weekend (once I’ve sponged off the Jagermeister) and post a photo then.

Today I’ve got a sinus headache and feel a bit sorry for myself so comfort and warmth have been key.

Scarf – Pure collection, as featured here
Jumper – Uniqlo (the softest cashmere but only available in Winter)
T-shirt – Helmut
Jeans – Goldsign Virtual
Boots – Cobra Society

More on the boots: these might just be my favourite boots (and if you see my shoe closet, you’ll see they’ve fought off a lot of competition for that title. I picked these up at a sample sale for about 10% of the (ridiculous) £640 RRP, and I love ’em. Super comfy, and not a boot that has become ubiquitous (I’m looking at you Pistols).Not for everyone I know, but I’ve always been a fan of the cowboy boot. In fact, my first ever fashion purchase was a pair of pale blue leather cowboy boots from Office that I saved up my babysitting pennies for. They were £70, which was a fortune to me at the time. Think I might still have them somewhere…


T-Shirts are like buses…

…you spend ages searching for the perfect one and two come along at once!

I ordered the Helmut t-shirt I was musing on here, and it dropped through the letterbox just as I was flapping about having nothing to wear for a night out, saving the day. It was perfectly slouchy and looked fab with my black leather skinnies and a black blazer.

Then today, on my weekly trawl though TK Maxx I came across this little beauty:

20130217-171613.jpgJames Perse sanded relaxed jersey pocket tee

Priced at £19.99, I couldn’t say no. They had lots of James Perse (and Vince) in my local branch (Wimbledon, for any SW Londoners), along with J Brand and MiH jeans. I can’t rate TK Maxx highly enough, I rarely come out without a bargain, but it does take patience! They also had the white version of this t-shirt, which I resisted, lest I need to add my collection to the home insurance, but it’s already a decision I’m regretting, so I think I’ll nip back tomorrow!

So, what did you buy this weekend?